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Emoji Are Here to Ruin Monopoly

Potential new Monopoly tokens. Photo: Hasbro

Because apparently nothing is sacred, Hasbro is holding an open vote to let people select a new set of Monopoly tokens. There are 64 token choices and the poll, which you can find here, is open for another three weeks. In case you haven’t played Monopoly recently, the existing tokens include a top hat, thimble, battleship, shoe, Scottie dog, car, wheelbarrow, and cat. If you’re a Monopoly diehard — which, different strokes I guess — you probably already know that the cat used to be an iron, until it was swapped out in 2013.

Among the new options are several emoji-themed tokens, including a kissing-face emoji and Rich Uncle Pennybags a.k.a. That Monopoly Dude With The Mustache and Hat as an emoji. There is also a hashtag because that will undoubtedly make all the cool teens clamor to play an IRL board game that takes several hours to complete and forces you to do mental math. Yes. Good plan.

The proposed hashtag token.

On the upside, at least there wasn’t a gorilla option.

Emoji Are Here to Ruin Monopoly