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Photos: Thousands Protest Outside Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn Home Over Trump Cabinet Picks

Grand Army Plaza.

Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn apartment along Prospect Park West has turned into a regular spot for anti-Trump protesters, but Tuesday night saw thousands descend on the senator’s home to pressure him to oppose President Donald Trump’s agenda and his cabinet picks. The “What the fuck, Chuck?” rally, as some demonstrators called it, started in Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza, near Prospect Park.

Grand Army Plaza. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Facing Schumer’s House. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

The crowd, chanting and waving signs, marched from Grand Army to Schumer’s luxury building on Prospect Park West. So large was the crowd, not all the demonstrators could fit on the sidewalk outside the Minority Leader’s windows, but those that did manage to get close unfurled a huge banner that read, “Resist Trump Tuesdays.”

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Schumer said Monday — citing the president’s executive order that temporarily suspended travel from majority Muslim countries and halted the refugee program — that he would oppose most of the rest of Trump’s cabinet picks, and seek to delay the remaining confirmations. Still, Schumer did vote in favor of three of Trump’s choices, among them Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

On Tuesday night, Schumer, along with other Democrats, did criticize Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch. The senator also put out a statement that hinted Democrats might filibuster Trump’s nominee. Maybe all those signs and spines are getting through.

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Photos: Thousands Protest Outside Schumer’s Brooklyn Home