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If Homeboy Comes Through With This Bella Hadid Meme He’s Gonna, Like, Get Iiiiittt

Bella Hadid.

While you were maybe off celebrating the long weekend, Twitter was still putting in the work, making meme lemonade out of meme lemons.

Last week, Bella Hadid was a guest on Sneaker Shopping, a Complex series in which famous people buy expensive sneakers. On the show, Hadid spoke about footwear as though she’d learned all of her vocabulary from a 1950s Christian magazine about the dangers of youth culture. A clip of the video quickly went viral.

Though the whole video is, to quote Hadid, dope, the specific part that went viral is this:

If homeboy’s coming through with these? It’s quiet, yeah, no; it’s quiet for him. But, like, if he comes through in, like, theeeeeese … homeboy’s gonna, like, get iiiit.

This is not the first time that shoes have been roasted online, nor is it the first time that a Hadid sister was the butt of a joke. Regardless, great meme, everybody! Thank you for your service. Thank you for putting in the work and dedication to really help this meme reach the next level.

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