The Super Blue Blood Moon Was Highly Photogenic

The super blue blood moon sets beside the Statue of Liberty.

Skywatchers were treated to a rare treat Wednesday morning as a super blue blood moon shone across the sky in the Western Hemisphere for the first time in 152 years.

The striking cosmic occurrence is only visible when three lunar events align. First there’s the super moon, which occurs when the moon is as close to Earth as it gets. Then there’s the blue moon, which is what we call the second full moon in a calendar month. And finally the blood moon, which is when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow during a total lunar eclipse, giving it a red tint.

The best views of the super blue blood moon in the U.S. were available to those in California, but there are plenty of photos to gawk at from all around the globe.

The supermoon in Lancelin, Australia.
The supermoon rises over the horizon in Bangkok.
The supermoon rises over a pagoda in Kumal, Myanmar.
The supermoon rises over Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East.
The supermoon over the 462-meter-tall tower of Lakhta Centre in St. Petersburg.
The supermoon setting behind a cinder cone volcano in the Mojave Desert.
The eclipsed supermoon sets in Los Angeles.
The Super Blue Blood Moon Was Highly Photogenic