tech boot camp
tech boot camp
5 Time-saving Kitchen Gadgets That Help Me Make Meals in Minutes
The only way to cook faster would be to eat your food raw.
the national circus
the national circus
Frank Rich: What Saudi Arabia Now Knows About Bone Saws
MBS and company may have wrecked their comfortable spot in American politics by generating a murder mystery too lurid for the public to ignore.

Mitt Romney is through pretending he’s only focused on Utah. Brace yourself, “Amercia”

After spending most of the past year quietly tending to his own race, Romney is using his formidable national profile and expansive political network to elect embattled Republicans across the country. Weeks before his virtually assured election to the Senate, the 2012 Republican standard-bearer is issuing endorsements, appearing in TV ads and fundraising for hopefuls up and down the ballot.

tulsi gabbard
tulsi gabbard
What Is Tulsi Gabbard Fighting For?
The war veteran and Democratic congresswoman is a rising star for progressives. But her views on foreign policy illustrate a dilemma on the left.
tech boot camp
tech boot camp
Did You Know Your iPhone Now Comes With a GIF App?
Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 12, comes with an app called Shortcuts, which makes it very easy to make GIFs on your phone.
the national interest
the national interest
Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Cover-up Is Another Reason to Turn Congress Democratic
The Trump administration is helping Saudi Arabia cover up the murder, and Republicans are letting it.

Senator Heller shares the Trump administration’s interest in the VA trying experimental treatments, lack of concern about conflicts of interest

Sen. Dean Heller, a Nevada Republican, pushed doctors at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Reno to adopt an experimental mental health treatment marketed by a company with ties to his office.

On a Friday night last December in his Reno office, Heller, a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, introduced VA officials to representatives from a health care startup called CereCare. The company markets an “off-label” method of treating addiction and post-traumatic stress, using electromagnetic brain stimulation.

An American recession may be nigh

The U.S. economy has a greater than 50-50 chance of tipping into a recession in the next two years, according to a model tracked by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The probability of a U.S. recession within one year is almost 28 percent, and rises to more than 60 percent over the next two years, researchers wrote in a note this week. Over the next three years, the odds are higher than 80 percent, according to the note.

Add this to the pile of issues Dems could investigate if they win in November

The F.B.I. project was a long-debated plan to turn the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s crumbling Brutalist headquarters, the J. Edgar Hoover Building, over to a commercial developer, who could demolish it and build something new there. In return, the developer would construct a new, state-of-the-art campus for the F.B.I. in the Washington area.

Mr. Trump never pursued it, but the F.B.I. building continued to intersect with his business — and later with his presidency. As recently as early 2015, months before he announced his candidacy, an executive at his company expressed concern to a congressional aide about the redevelopment project creating potential competition for Mr. Trump’s hotel. And now, as the first real estate developer turned president, Mr. Trump has again taken an interest in the F.B.I. project.

Within months of his taking office, his administration killed the original plan to trade the Hoover site for a suburban campus. A little over a year into Mr. Trump’s term, and after at least one meeting in which the president was personally involved, the administration announced a new plan that would keep the F.B.I. on the existing site in a new building, rather than turn over the property for commercial development.

Did I Make a Mistake Selling My Social-Media Darling to Yahoo?
Yahoo was negotiating to buy Facebook and at the same time. Zuckerberg famously said no. CEO Joshua Schachter said yes.
president trump
president trump
Trump Threatens Military Response to (Fictional) Migrant Threat
As Central American asylum seekers march in caravan toward the U.S., Trump threatens to “call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!”

White House sends major signal of disapproval to Saudi Arabia

Just met with @realDonaldTrump and @SecPompeo and we have decided, I will not be participating in the Future Investment Initiative summit in Saudi Arabia.

NYC building removes a certain name from facade after resident vote

Pompeo in no rush to condemn Saudi Arabia

Pompeo says he told Trump: “We ought to give them a few more days,” referring to Saudi investigation of Khashoogi’s apparent murder

Odds watch: Political prognosticator says Dems not a sure thing for House control

We have previously described Democrats as being “soft favorites” in the race for the House, and that’s basically where we’re still at. As this roadmap hopefully will demonstrate, Democrats may yet blow open the battle for the House and win the majority comfortably. But there are paths for the Republicans to hold on as well, and a Democratic House majority is not yet written in stone.

Palantir may go public in a big way

Data-mining giant Palantir Technologies Inc., one of Silicon Valley’s most secretive companies, is weighing an initial public offering likely to be among the largest in recent years, people familiar with the matter said.

New Yorkers who are not constantly online love Andrew Cuomo

In today's edition of "Twitter Is Not Real Life" -- Q-poll of #NYGov gives Cuomo a 77% fav rating with Democrats, 68% fav rating in NYC.

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions may be falling, but not by nearly enough

The EPA is promoting newly released data showing a 2017 cut in aggregate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from industrial operations, but there’s a more nuanced story behind the top-line numbers.

Why it matters: Despite the cuts driven largely by power-sector changes, the U.S. is not on pace to meet Obama-era targets for cutting economy-wide emissions by 26%–28% below 2005 levels by 2025.

Achieving those emissions cuts, let alone the kind of reductions scientists say are needed to help avoid high amounts of warming, will require driving down emissions well beyond the electricity sector.

tech boot camp
tech boot camp
In My Humble Opinion, This Is the Single Best iPhone Hack
The rare easy and useful hack.

Republican Congressman to addicts: Hey, my life is hard too

At one point, Brat seemed to liken his campaign with the difficulties faced by an addict.

After one inmate described the difficulties she would face after release in finding work and stability–and Chesterfield Sheriff Karl Leonard mentioned the need for additional funding for longer-term stays–Brat turned the conversation back to his campaign against Democrat Abigail Spanberger.

“You think you’re having a hard time–I’ve got $5 million worth of negative ads coming at me,” he said. “How do you think I’m feeling? Nothing’s easy. For anybody.”

“You think I’m a congressman, ‘Oh, life’s easy, this guy’s off having steaks every day.’” he said. “Baloney. I’ve got a five year-old daughter, she’s got to deal with that crap on TV every day.”

“So it’s tough,” he continued. “No one out there’s got some easy life. Right?”

A look at Heidi Cruz, wife of a man people feel…mixed about

“Everyone loves Heidi,” a prominent Houston Democrat told me. “Every time I talk to her I think, You should be running for office, not your husband.”

Heidi Cruz is indeed easy to like. I met her on an August afternoon at her home, where she’d invited me for lunch. The Cruzes live in precisely the house you’d envision—white brick with black shutters and a door framed by gas lanterns—in the neighborhood you’d expect, leafy and palatial, in the center of Houston. 

If some people look like their dogs, Heidi Cruz looks like her house: expensive, serene, draped in pretty fabrics. That Wednesday afternoon, she greeted me somewhat breathlessly—“This client call went much longer than I thought it would!”—wearing a light-blue silk dress, a slightly darker blue scarf, and a knotted strand of pearls (not the ones from Ted). As we sat down to eat, she said what I imagine all women who wear these things must say, her voice warm and conspiratorial: “We’re gonna have some champagne. Yes, we are.” She leaned to grab a bottle off the dining-room table, and the crystal chandelier reflected her hair and turned gold.

Toronto police remind Canadians not to call cops about pot

Photo: Toronto Police Department via Twitter

Major assassinations in Afghanistan’s second-largest city

Gen. Abdul Raziq, the police chief of Kandahar and a giant presence in the south, as well as the governor of Kandahar and the NDS chief of the province killed in shootings, officials confirm.

That's just wiping out the entire provincial leadership.

The GOP’s awkward position on health care

Obamacare favorability at an all-time high in FOX News poll. Can’t wait for the closing ads from Republicans: “And if those Democrats try to take away your Obamacare, I’ll fight to protect it like I’ve always done.”
Pat Robertson Cares More About a Saudi Weapons Deal Than a Journalist’s Murder
In comments on Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent murder, the Christian-right warhorse revealed he can no longer distinguish God’s will from Donald Trump’s.

Trump threatens to close Southern border to new migrants

....In addition to stopping all payments to these countries, which seem to have almost no control over their population, I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught - and if unable to do so I will call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!..

Why would Trump’s Russian oligarch pal quietly move $20 million to the U.S. during the 2016 campaign?

A Russian billionaire who orchestrated the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting formed a new American shell company a month beforehand with an accountant who has had clients accused of money laundering and embezzlement.

The billionaire, Aras Agalarov, created the US company anonymously while preparing to move almost $20m into the country during the time of the presidential election campaign, according to interviews and corporate filings.

Russian trolls on Reddit, prepare to get downvoted to hell

Reddit, the fifth-most visited U.S. website, according to the analytics firm Alexa, has been on the offensive against suspicious accounts linked to Russia, which its CEO Steve Huffman said have attempted to put up more than 1,000 posts in 130 different communities on the website in the past month.

Huffman, in an interview with NBC News, provided a glimpse inside the “war room” the company has assembled to deal with foreign efforts to push misinformation on the site.

“We have a handful of teams working on this topic here,” Huffman said. “The biggest thing we can do is to ensure the authenticity of the content of Reddit and that the behavior is not manipulative.”

Some Sanders supporters have stopped feeling the Bern

Bernie Sanders has a problem as he decides whether to run in 2020: Many of his former staffers are looking elsewhere.

With the Vermont senator kicking off a nine-state tour on Friday with stops in Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada and California, a sizable contingent of the people who helped build his insurgent 2016 campaign is ambivalent about a second run, according to interviews with more than a dozen former staffers. Many of them are looking for a different progressive champion to finish what Sanders started.

Leak plugged

A senior official in the Treasury Department was arrested and charged with disclosing sensitive financial transaction reports pertaining to multiple entities tied to President Donald Trump and Russia, including former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, to a reporter.

The official, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, illegally disclosed the documents, known as Suspicious Activity Reports, to a reporter for BuzzFeed News, according to the complaint and a person familiar with the matter. The complaint, which doesn’t name the news organization or the reporter, lists around a dozen news articles that contained information based on the content of the reports, and the descriptions of the stories in the court filings match articles published by BuzzFeed.

Americans explain why they won’t be voting this year

“A waste of my time.”

“It doesn’t feel relevant to me.”

“I’d be one person vs millions.”

“I’m not into politics.”

“I just don’t want to put my faith in a person.”

“I’m done with it. This time I don’t want to put my voice in.”
The Nevada GOP Shunned Republican Pimp Dennis Hof, Then He Died
The state party plans a push to get Hof elected, even though he died earlier this week.

If you can’t remove him from office, remove him from your building

Few places in the United States are more staunchly liberal than the Upper West Side of Manhattan. And so few things are more galling to many residents of a residential complex there than the big letters that greet them at their building: T-R-U-M-P P-L-A-C-E.

On Thursday, condo owners will join three neighboring buildings in finally getting their relief.

Workers will pry the letters off the front and back of 200 Riverside Boulevard, a 46-story building between 69th and 70th Streets. The building will simply be called: 200 Riverside Boulevard.

Canadians lined up to buy marijuana on the first day of legalization, despite the toque weather

Photo: People line up outside a cannabis store to purchase products for the first time, October 17, 2018 in Montreal, Canada. (Photo: MARTIN OUELLET-DIOTTE/AFP/Getty Images)

$80 too much

Indicted Republican Rep. Chris Collins raised just $80 from individuals inside his district in the third quarter.

Maybe search for the truth instead

The Trump administration and the Saudi royal family are searching for a mutually agreeable explanation for the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi — one that will avoid implicating Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is among the president’s closest foreign allies, according to analysts and officials in multiple countries.

But it will be difficult for the young ruler to escape scrutiny, as mounting evidence points not only to the Saudi government’s knowledge of Khashoggi’s fate, but also to a connection by Mohammed to his disappearance.

Theresa May is open to suggestions

Addressing her remarks to other EU leaders, rather than the commission, May will tell them they all have a “profound sense of responsibility to make this change work smoothly and sensibly” by reaching a deal.

Khashoggi’s posthumous last column

Arab governments have been given free rein to continue silencing the media at an increasing rate. There was a time when journalists believed the Internet would liberate information from the censorship and control associated with print media. But these governments, whose very existence relies on the control of information, have aggressively blocked the Internet. They have also arrested local reporters and pressured advertisers to harm the revenue of specific publications.

Robert Mueller has been keeping plenty busy

Ever since reaching a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller, Paul Manafort has kept the Russia prosecutors busy.

The former Trump campaign chairman and his lawyers have visited Mueller’s office in Washington at least nine times in the last four weeks, a strong indication that the special counsel is moving at a steady clip.

September and October at first glance appear to be quiet periods for the investigation, under the Justice Department’s guidelines to avoid public political acts before the midterm elections. But the quiet period has seen a persistent murmur of activity, based on near-daily sightings of Mueller’s prosecutors and sources involved in the investigation.

The rise of a liberal ad juggernaut on Facebook

The biggest of News for Democracy’s ad buys went to pages with names like Women For Civility (8 million impressions), Better With Age (7.2 million), Our Flag Our Country (5.7 million), Living Free (5.4 million), and The Holy Tribune (4.2 million). Most of the ads consisted of one-minute videos, done in that Facebook style with text sliding around over footage making a single point. The ads were shown to two very specific groups of people: women between the ages of 55 and 64 in Arkansas, and mostly male Kansans under the age of 44.

The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins laments early American embrace of Mohammad bin Salman

Indeed, if there is any lesson to be learned from this terrible affair, it’s how blind so much of official Washington and the American press were to M.B.S.’s true nature. When the crown prince visited the United States earlier this year, he was fêted in Hollywood and Silicon Valley, on Wall Street, and, of course, by the Trump White House, as a messiah—in the mold of Gorbachev or Gandhi. “Historic night it was,’’ Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, the actor, wrote, on Instagram, of a dinner with M.B.S. hosted by Rupert Murdoch at his vineyard in Bel Air.

It was the Trump White House that went the furthest, basing its entire Middle East strategy on the vision and maturity of the thirty-three-year-old monarch. As I detailed in my profile of M.B.S., earlier this year, Jared Kushner, sitting down with aides in the White House, unfurled a map of the Middle East shortly after Inauguration Day and wrung his hands at the dire state of the region. He dubbed M.B.S., still the deputy crown prince at the time, “the change agent,” the man who would save Saudi Arabia from otherwise certain doom. Kushner threw the Administration’s support behind him. Not long after, and not least because of the White House’s boost, M.B.S.’s chief rivals, including his cousin, the crown prince, Mohammed bin Nayef, were dispatched. It was ugly, but no one seemed to mind. President Trump’s visit to the Saudi kingdom—his first trip abroad—was an orgy of mutual admiration and monarchical excess.

The truth is that M.B.S.’s violent, impulsive character was visible early on. First came the tale, told to me by a confidant of the crown prince, of a young M.B.S. trying to force a land-registry official to help him seize a parcel of property. When the official balked, M.B.S. sent a single bullet in an envelope to help change his mind. On the Saudi streets, M.B.S. became known as Abu Rasasa, or “father of the bullet.”

2018 midterms
2018 midterms
McConnell Thinks Talking About Repealing Obamacare Helps the GOP in the Midterms
If Republicans make Senate gains and hang onto the House, it’s remotely possible. That’s apparently what the GOP thinks its base wants to hear.

White supremacist-friendly Congressman endorses white supremacist for Toronto Mayor

Once again, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) publicly declared his support for white-nationalist and neo-Nazi figures and, once again, Republican leadership remains silent.

King, who is currently running for re-election, tweeted an endorsement late Tuesday evening for Faith Goldy, a white supremacist, right-wing YouTube star running for the mayor of Toronto.

A Middle East expert’s theory on why Mohammad bin Salman had it out for Khashoggi

[Thread] 1. I've been trying to figure out the source of MBS's extreme hatred/fear of #JamalKhashoggi. For starters, it's key to note that though JK had a long track record in journalism, he was also a political actor. >

Thousands of Honduran migrants walk through Guatemala on way to U.S.

Photo: Orlando Estrada/AFP/Getty Images

What women want, by Donald Trump

College educated women want safety, security and healthcare protections – very much along with financial and economic health for themselves and our Country. I supply all of this far better than any Democrat (for decades, actually). That’s why they will be voting for me!
2020 election
2020 election
Kamala Harris Updates Obama’s Winning Strategy for 2020
Twelve years after Obama’s breakthrough, it’s unclear Harris can emulate it given a giant field and polarized politics.

McConnell hands Dems a messaging gift for the midterms

Republicans could try again to repeal Obamacare if they win enough seats in U.S. elections next month, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday, calling a failed 2017 push to repeal the healthcare law a “disappointment.”

In a forecast of 2019 policy goals tempered by uncertainty about who will win the congressional elections, McConnell also blamed costly social programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, for the fast-rising national debt.

Report details Dean Heller’s shady mingling of business and politics

Sen. Dean Heller, a Nevada Republican, pushed doctors at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Reno to adopt an experimental mental health treatment marketed by a company with ties to his office.

On a Friday night last December in his Reno office, Heller, a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, introduced VA officials to representatives from a health care startup called CereCare. The company markets an “off-label” method of treating addiction and post-traumatic stress, using electromagnetic brain stimulation.

The meeting came about because two of CereCare’s partners had a business connection to Heller’s senior aide in Reno. “We’ve known her for years,” one of the partners, Nino Pedrini, said of the aide, Glenna Smith. Pedrini and his partner have a separate joint venture with Smith’s former employer. “This was Glenna reaching out to us, knowing what we were doing, saying we think there’s a fit here where you folks can help our veterans,” Pedrini said.

tech boot camp
tech boot camp
Three To-Do Apps That Can Help Keep Your Life Organized and Efficient
One single to-do app is for chumps. He-man organizers use three.

Probable presidential contender calls for U.S. to join Canada in legalizing weed

It’s time for the United States to follow suit. Legalizing marijuana at the federal level would make our justice system more fair—it’s the smart thing to do and it’s the right thing to do.

U.S.-Mexico border crossings are way up again

The number of migrant parents entering the United States with children has surged to record levels in the three months since President Trump ended family separations at the border, dealing the administration a deepening crisis three weeks before the midterm elections.

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested 16,658 family members in September, the highest one-month total on record and an 80 percent increase from July, according to unpublished Homeland Security statistics obtained by The Washington Post.

Large groups of 100 or more Central American parents and children have been crossing the Rio Grande and the deserts of Arizona to turn themselves in, and by citing a fear of return, the families are typically assigned a court date and released from custody.

tech boot camp
tech boot camp
Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Camera With This Hidden Feature
Developers have unlocked a feature that allows users to capture every bit of information your iPhone camera is capable of.
life after warming
life after warming
Trump’s Climate Denial Isn’t Just a War on Our Coasts. It’s a War on Our Brains.
The damage small-particulate pollution does will be more severe on a warmer planet. The EPA has closed the office dedicated to studying it.

Sorry Trump, “Beto is a Flake” is no Lyin’ Ted

Watched the debate last night & Beto O’Rourke, who wants higher taxes and far more regulations, is not in the same league with Ted Cruz & what the great people of Texas stand for & want. Ted is strong on Crime, Border & 2nd A, loves our Military, Vets, Low Taxes. Beto is a Flake!
global tech
global tech
All This Unused Solar Energy Can Power Bangladesh
With more than 5 million solar-home systems, all Bangladeshis need is a shared power grid. SolShare helps redistribute the surplus energy.
2018 midterms
2018 midterms
Hurricane Michael Is Already Affecting the Midterms
Florida Governor Rick Scott could delay state elections due to the storm’s impact, but not his own Senate race. In Georgia, early voting has begun.

A day before Melania’s plane trouble, Hillary’s vehicle was in a crash. No one was harmed in either incident

The former secretary of state and first lady was headed to a fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey in Jersey City on Tuesday night. The vehicle pulled into a parking garage, made a left turn and hit a concrete column.

Clinton emerged from the van and walked to the fundraiser, where she was the featured guest.

What Will Happen to the Supreme Court in 20 Years?
Legal reporter Dahlia Lithwick reveals her prediction for the future of the Supreme Court.

Ecuador had a creative plan for getting Julian Assange out of its London embassy

Newly released Ecuadorean government documents have laid bare an unorthodox attempt to extricate the WikiLeaks founder from his embassy hideaway in London by naming him as a political counselor to the country’s embassy in Moscow.

But the 47-year-old Australian’s new career in international affairs was nipped in the bud when British authorities vetoed his diplomatic status, effectively blocking him from taking up his new post in Russia.

select all
select all
Why Can’t Instagram Get Anybody to Care About IGTV?
It’s been months since Instagram launched its longform video hub, with help from popular creators. So why isn’t the YouTube competitor luring users?
The Internet
Facebook Risks Losing the Trust of Its Only Real Customers
Facebook can stand to piss off every group except one: the advertisers who actually spend money on the social network.
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