Marriage with Benefits
The new rules of monogamy.
Sex Columnists Compare Notes
What You Don't Know About Your Kid's Sex Life
Libido in a Nasal Spray
Grizzly Men in The Gay Scene
The Porn Hunter

Everything You Don't Want to Know About Your Kid’s Sex Life


Have you ever... Students say: Parents think their own teen has:
...purchased contraceptives?
...kissed for more than two hours continuously?
...had sexual intercourse without a condom?
...taken a shower with someone in the nude?
...had sexual conversations with a stranger on the Internet?
...had sex with someone younger than 16?
...had sex while on drugs or alcohol?
...been told to slow down when making the moves on someone?
...bought porn?
...watched others having sex?
...had sex on your parents' bed?
...taken pictures during sex or sexual activity?
...masturbated while someone watched?
...had sex in a public place?
...had sex with a member of the same sex?
...had anal sex?
...told someone you loved him or her for sexual gain?
...had someone watch while you and your partner had sex?

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