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Everything You Don't Want to Know About Your Kid’s Sex Life


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What the kids are saying about . . .
Sexual orientation
“It’s up in the air right now. I don’t think at this age it’s set in stone.”
Girl, 15

Why they haven’t had sex
“I don’t want to be an animal.”
Boy, 15

“I’m not waiting. I just haven’t had the right moment.”
Girl, 17

“Lack of a partner.”
Boy, 18

Teen sex overall
“It’s gross. To think about all these kids having sex makes me want to vomit.”
Boy, 16

“You should have sex only when you’re ready, because it’s overrated.”
Girl, 17

“People are always discussing it, so not having it makes you feel lonely.”
Girl, 15

“It’s awesome, but wait until you’re 16.”
Boy, 14

“I don’t think you should have sex in ninth grade. Probably tenth.”
Boy, 14

Regrettable sexual experiences
“When I lost my virginity. I did it for the wrong reasons. I thought I could get him back that way.”
Girl, 15

“Fingering. That really wasn’t very fun.”
Girl, 15

“Having sex with a girl during her period.”
Boy, 17

Feeling guilty after a sexual experience
“I feel a little bit tainted, especially if it’s a random hookup. I feel slutty.”
Girl, 15

Teen sex parties
“They happen in the suburbs. I would never go to one.”
Girl, 17

Talking to their parents about sex
“My mom talks as if it’s ‘going to happen’ instead of ‘has happened,’ which makes it really hard.”
Girl, 16

“All they said was, ‘Keep your pecker in your pants.’ ”
Boy, 17

“My father tells me stories about his youth and scolds me for not having as much sex as he did.”
Boy, 18

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