Club Macanudo

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88 Impressive

One of the city’s last remaining smoke-filled rooms.

26 E. 63rd St., New York, NY, 10065


Known For

The lowdown

Given the location, it’s no surprise that the clientele at this wood-paneled shrine to tobacco tends toward the pinstripe-and-cuff-link variety. What is shocking is how reasonably priced the cigars are. Macanudo is grandfathered in as one of only a handful of bars where smoking is still legal. The cocktails skew sharp and sour, as brawny as the décor save for the odd exception like the breakfast martini, kissed with tart orange marmalade. Its signature cocktail, the Sixty-Third Street Martini is, like its cigar stock, rare and aged: a cognac made from Champagne grapes, some pear liqueur and nectar, and a 20-year-old port.

What you need to know

Insider Tips Table service requires a $30 minimum, including a mandatory $15 minimum cigar purchase (humidor holders are exempt).

Recommended DishesSixty-Third Street Martini; Cuban spring rolls.

DrinksFull Bar

Noise LevelCivilized