Kettle of Fish

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73 Totally Fine

Drink Wisconsinbly at this cozy sports den that offers a palate cleanse between two iconic Christopher Street gay bars.

59 Christopher St., New York, NY, 10014


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The lowdown

The Kettle made its name as a hangout for aspiring bohemians not long after it opened on MacDougal Street above the famed Gaslight Café in 1950. Three moves and half a century later, the current cozy basement space, with its low ceilings, strings of lights, and a comfy-as-home collection of sofas and chairs still draws plenty of bookish types, but the location ensures a happy cross-section of straight football fans (the owner roots for the Packers), gay tourists (Kettle abuts Stonewall Inn), and students and other wide-eyed wanderers who could go either way. With most of the patrons wrapped up in lively discourse, the jukebox tends to fall by the wayside, leaving the nearby iconic cabaret Duplex to pick up the slack as show tunes bleed down from above. Surprisingly, even with the disproportionate representation of gray hair and writerly tweeds, the Ms. Pac-Man machine gets plenty of play.

What you need to know

Insider Tips Open for all Badgers, Brewers, and Packers playoff games. There’s also a book club, because why not?

DrinksFull Bar

Noise LevelBring earplugs!