• The Cabin Down Below

  • 110 Ave. A.
    New York, NY 10009
  • Neighborhood: East Village
  • Phone: 212-614-9798
Johnny T and Jesse Malin of Niagara (plus Matt Romano of Albert Hammond Jr.'s band) might have had hot-dog-joint–cum-speakeasy PDT in mind when they hid this intimate, exclusive lounge underneath their East Village slice joint, Pizza Shop. The restaurant has since closed, but Cabin Down Below is still there for all your more straightforward drinking needs—tequila shots and tumblers of whiskey, rather than infused this and muddled that. The door game is hit or miss—should an Alphabet City starlet or indie-band entourage be holding court downstairs, you’re most likely not getting in.

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  • Hours:

    Daily, 10pm-4am

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