• Yogi's

  • 2156 Broadway
    New York, NY 10023
  • Neighborhood: Upper West Side
  • Phone: 212-873-9852
Yogi's Photo
This venue is closed.

Yogi's wears its (somewhat contrived) trashiness loud 'n proud. The toilets are encased in wood, like old outhouses. Décor consists of Elvis-on-velvet paintings and an American flag hung, perhaps appropriately, beneath a neon sign. The jukebox seems perpetually stuck on Johnny Cash, but the crowd—mostly bandanna-wearers, drunks, a few hipsters and a rare yuppie—ain't complainin', especially that solo fellow downing beer by the pitcher. In addition to Pabst Blue Ribbons and a standard American tap, Yogi's offers bowls of peanuts and a whole lot of Wild Turkey.

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    Cash Only

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    Dive Bar Neighborhood Bar After Hours

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