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House (Hausu) (1977)

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(No longer in theaters)
  • Rating: No Rating
  • Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi   Cast: Kimiko Ikegami, Kumiko Ohba, Yoko Minamida, Mitsutoshi Ishigami, Miki Jinbo
  • Running Time: 110 minutes
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Tomoyuki Tanaka


Toho International Company Inc

Release Date

Sep 1, 1977

Release Notes


Official Website


My language cannot do justice to adman Nobuhiko Obayashi’s delirious 1977 Japanese horror-fantasy House, which will have its American theatrical premiere at the IFC Center. You’d have to imagine Pee-wee’s Playhouse with a witch that eats schoolgirls, only amped up by a factor of 100. The best thing in this wild assemblage of collage and cartoon and fairy tale is that the girls, when they’re eaten, scream with glee as their cut-out body parts spin around the frame. It’s cannibalism as the ultimate kiddie ride.

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