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It Came From Kuchar

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(No longer in theaters)
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  • Director: Jennifer M. Kroot   Cast: John Waters, B. Ruby Rich, Buck Henry, Atom Egoyan, George Kuchar
  • Running Time: 86 minutes
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Comedy, Documentary, Program


Jennifer Kroot, Tina Kroot, l Holly Million


Tigerlily Pictures LLC

Release Date

Apr 9, 2010

Release Notes


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Kroot’s loving portrait of the legendary and prolific Kuchar brothers, whose schlocky thriller and melodrama pastiches injected some genuine fun into the world of sixties underground filmmaking. Purists may argue that the Kuchars deserve a less traditional doc approach, but Kroot’s solid film serves as a terrific introduction to their work.

Lost and Found

It Came From Kuchar is full of archival footage, intimate conversations with the brothers themselves, and—most important—scenes from many of their notoriously hard-to-find films.