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Huitlacoche-and-Veal-Milanesa Torta

Provided by: Chef Justin Warner

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4 torta rolls
4 sandwiches’ worth of veal Milanesa
1 egg
1 can huitlacoche
1 onion
Remaining chorizo (from above)
Fresh lime juice


Take the rest of the chorizo, and remove it from the casings. Break it up, and cook over low heat for 40 minutes. If you see smoke, that’s no good. Slowly render out all the fat and cook the sausage bits until crisp. Using a slotted spoon, remove those bits. Let the oil cool to room temperature. Put an egg, some lime juice, some salt, and some sugar in the food processor; process until it splatters everywhere. Slowly add the chorizo oil to the emulsion tube, then add some vegetable oil in the same fashion. Keep doing this until you have something that looks like mayonnaise (because you just made mayonnaise). Fold in all the crispy bits of chorizo, and try not to eat this sucker with a spoon. Spread this on the sliced rolls. Cut the Milanesa against the grain to tenderize it. Make it as thin as possible so it’s easier for your critic and family to chew. Scoop out some huitlacoche, and put it on the bottom of the roll. Top with Milanesa, some underripe tomato, a sprig of cilantro, and finally the mayonnaise. Eat.

(Published 2012)

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