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Pomelo-Juice Cocktail

Provided by: The Kubbeh Project at Zucker Bakery

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The mild sweet juice of the Pomelo makes a nifty seasonal substitute for that of its descendant, the tarter grapefruit, in a popular Israeli cocktail, in which it’s combined with arak, the anise-flavored grape-distilled liquor. This recipe comes from the Kubbeh Project, a three-week pop-up that will turn the East Village’s Zucker Bakery into an after-hours Jewish-Iraqi café from March 1 to 21.


1 pomelo, to yield 4 ounces of juice
2 ounces arak (available at Astor Wines & Spirits)
1 sprig mint, for garnish


(1) Cut the pomelo in half and then into segments. (2) Trim away some of the pith, and juice the segments using a hand-press juicer. Combine the arak and pomelo juice over ice in a highball glass. (3) Garnish with a sprig of mint. Makes one drink.

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