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Salmon Burger on Bruschetta

Provided by: Chef Harry Hawk
Served at: Burger Shack & Bar

  • Type of Dish: Sandwiches
  • Servings: 2
  • Cuisine: American, BBQ/ Grilling
  • Special Requests: Budget-Friendly, Healthy
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Italian bread (from local market or bakery)
1/3 lbs. fresh salmon
Extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper

1 oz. crema Mexicana
“Big Lou’s” Secret Sauce
1 medium lime


Slice Italian bread extra-thin—1 slice per salmon burger.
Grill on barbecue, drizzle with olive oil.
Once bread is toasted with clear char marks, remove and put on plate.
Grind fresh salmon in meat grinder or food processor using a single coarse grind.
Make balls from ground salmon, each approximately 1½ ounces.
Lightly oil hot griddle, place salmon ball on griddle.
Cook for 15 seconds, using spatula to flip
Smash ball into a patty.
Add salt and pepper.
Flip after 1 minute.
Add salt and pepper and cook for another minute.
Remove from griddle and place on bruschetta.

Mix crema Mexicana with a few squirts of Big Lou’s Secret Sauce to taste.
Add a dab of this mixture to the top of each burger.
Squeeze the juice of 1/8 of the lime over the top of the burger.

(Published 2008)

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