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Giant Shrimp and Clams in Hot-and-Sour-Lemongrass Broth

Provided by: Chef Gary Robins
Served at: The Biltmore Room

  • Type of Dish: Main Courses, Soups
  • Servings: 6
  • Cuisine: Asian, Southeast Asian, Thai
  • Special Requests: Healthy
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Photo by Preston-Schlebusch
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2 1 1⁄2-pound lobsters
15 large shrimp (about 1 pound), preferably with heads on
1⁄2 pound squid
5 stalks lemongrass, crushed and cut into 3-inch pieces
6 cups Japanese dashi (prepare according to packet instructions)
5 tablespoons chili paste (preferably Nam Prik Pao from Thailand)
6 tablespoons fish sauce
1⁄4 cup lime juice
1 tablespoon palm sugar or light-brown sugar
1 pound sea scallops
1⁄2 pound Manila clams
1 head fennel, sliced into 1⁄8-inch-wide strips
1⁄4 pound bok choy shoots, sliced lengthwise
1 pound mussels 1⁄4 pound Taylor Bay scallops (optional)
1⁄4 cup torn Thai basil leaves
1⁄4 cup torn cilantro leaves


Separate the tails and claws from the lobsters, and cut each tail and claw into thirds. Split the lobster heads in half, and each half into thirds, reserving them for the broth. Peel the shrimp, leaving the heads and tails on and reserving the shells. Clean the squid, and cut the bodies into 1⁄3-inch rounds.

Place the reserved lobster heads, shrimp shells, and 3 stalks of the lemongrass in a 4-quart saucepan, and cover with dashi. Bring to a boil over moderate heat; reduce to a simmer, and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, cover, and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Pour through a fine strainer, discard the shells, and let the broth cool.

Place the chili paste in a bowl, and whisk in the cooled broth, followed by the fish sauce, lime juice, and sugar. Arrange the scallops, lobster tails, and claws in the bottom of a 6-quart pot, add the remaining lemongrass, and cover with the broth. Place over moderate heat, cover, and as soon as the broth starts to boil, add the shrimp, clams, fennel, and bok choy shoots. Return to a boil, and add the mussels, Taylor Bay scallops, and squid rings and tentacles. Cover, and cook until all of the shellfish have just opened. Stir in Thai basil and cilantro, let rest for 1 minute, then serve with jasmine rice.

(Published 2004)

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