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Spirited Hot Chocolate

Provided by: John Rose

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1/2 cup milk
8 oz. semi-sweet chocolate, cut into very small pieces
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup orange peel vodka, or regular vodka
1/2 teaspoon vanilla vodka, or vanilla extract
dash of chile powder
dash of salt


Heat the milk, chocolate and sugar in a medium saucepan placed over a pot simmering water and whisk into a smooth mixture. Do not boil.

Whisk in the cream, both vodkas, chili powder and salt.

Remove from the heat and serve in mugs topped with vodka whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, if desired.

Instead of ice cream or whipped cream, my favorite way to serve Spirited Hot Cocoa is with a few marshmallows. The cocoa will slowly melt them into a gooey topping. (Published 2005)

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