• Blanca

  • American Nouveau $195
  • 261 Moore St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11206
  • Neighborhood: Williamsburg
  • Phone: 646-703-2715
Blanca is the brainchild of the formerly anonymous Bushwick chef Carlo Mirarchi, who, along with two partners, turned Roberta’s from a ramshackle neighborhood pizza hall on the fringes of Bushwick into a poster child for the great Brooklyn culinary miracle. Roberta’s has all sorts of local charms (the calzone, the roof garden), but the restaurant owes its outsize national reputation to Mirarchi, who began serving his improvised, twice-weekly tasting menu to local Bushwick gourmets. These elaborate dinners used to take place at weathered picnic tables, but at Blanca, the $195, twentysomething-course meal is served at a polished counter lined with the kind of padded chairs with which your father may have outfitted his retro suburban wet bar. A large taxidermied tuna head has been affixed to one of the walls, and near the entrance is an antique turntable, where guests can spin vinyl LPs. The room—in a converted garage—is commodious, even huge, by the standards of other cramped tasting ateliers in town, and as Mirarchi saunters around his state-of-the-art kitchen, dressed in khaki shorts and a backward baseball cap, he looks less like an imperious auteur chef than like the host of an impromptu backyard barbecue.  There’s nothing impromptu about dinner at Blanca, however, which began, on one occasion, with a salvo of studied Japanese-style omakase dishes delivered by waiters who sounded like they were reciting hastily learned lines from a particularly grave play.

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    Weds-Fri, tasting menus at 6pm and 9pm Sat, tasting menus at 5pm and 8pm

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