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Crave Ceviche Bar Menu


Island Creek Oysters lemon, chive crème fraiche, american sturgeon caviar       1/4 dozen 12
Ceviche'd lemon      
Spicy Yellow Fin Tuna plancha seared yucca       14
Ceviche'd lime butter      
Day Boat Fluke Carpaccio roasted fennel sourdough puree, blood orange, charred pistachios, fresh marjoram       16
Ceviche'd blood orange juice, preserved garlic, tahini      
Kampachi Sashimi chorizo braised artichoke puree, charred red peppers, charred green onion, rouille       19
Ceviche'd pressed lemons, tomato paste      
Wild Alaskan Black Cod Sashimi roasted beets salad, crispy latke       17.50
Ceviche'd scallion, salted yellow bean apple, puree, caramelized apple cider vinegar      
Tuna Sashimi and Hudson Valley Foie Gras marble potatoes, roasted yellowfoot chantarelles, roasted thai basil       21.50
Ceviche'd cherry coke, pomegranate puree, red chili      
King Salmon Tartare oven roasted tomatoes, wild huckleberry, galangal jam, burnt caper and cauliflower, browned goat butter       17
Ceviche'd white truffle essence, huckleberry yuzu      
Maine Lobster baby gai-lan, fresh bamboo shoots, chu chee curry, crispy hearts of palm, fresh butter     28   mkt
Ceviche'd naam pla, garlic, thai chili      

cured but cooked

Serrano Ham grilled chickpea dusted zamorano cheese, grape tomato, red onion, peppercress       15.50
Ceviche'd juiced red peppers, aged sherry vinegar, lemon puree, shaved garlic      
Colossal Lump Crab wok fried okra over sticky rice       13
Ceviche'd pummelo, thai basil      
Shrimp Dumplings braised berkshire pork, fennel, leeks, pink peppercorn       17
Ceviche'd tomato water, lemon, thai basil      

most traditional

Ecuadorian Shrimp okinawa sweet potatoes, baby carrots, breakfast radish, cilantro       13
Ceviche'd oranges, chipotle      
Chatham Bay Cod Fish eggplant, black beans, charred grape tomatoes, coolantro       14
Ceviche'd meyer lemon, red curry, white soy      
Charred Free Range Lamb Loin chickpeas, tomato and apricot chutney, grilled king oyster mushrooms, shoestring sweet potatoes and okra       19
Ceviche'd red wine, pressed tangerines      


Littleneck clams, Clam Broth duck prosciutto, escarole, charred brioche, basil, lemon confit       16
Ceviche'd shallot, lemon, crushed red pepper      
Sea scallops, Tomato Broth crisp pancetta, roasted shallot, grilled sourdough, peppercress, cacciocavallo affumicato       14
Ceviche'd aged balsamic, sea salt, basil      


Long Island Peking Duck roasted baby beets, fromage blanc, charred pumpkin seeds, mache greens, horseradish       19
Ceviche'd chinese black vinegar, kumquat puree      
All Natural Filet Mignon baked bartlett pear, caramelized brussels sprouts, sharon fuit, applewood smoked bacon, chili jam, tahini paste       28
Ceviche'd pear vinegar, vietnamese mint      


Candied Ginger Sticky "icky" Rice       4.50
Whole Wheat Dusted Hearts of Palm and Artichoke       8.50
Baby Gai-lan Sauteed with kimchee paste and crushed walnuts       7
Crispy Sweet Potato and Okra Hay       6
Mizuna Greens with naam pla and crushed garlic vinaigrette       6
Smoked Cocoa Spiked Popcorn       3
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with applewood smoked bacon and sharon fruit       6.50