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Delmonico Gourmet Menu

  • Takeout Available | Delivery Available
  • Delivery Payment:
    $10 minimum
  • Delivery Hours:
    Daily, 24 hours
  • Delivery Area:
    49th St. to 69th St., Second Ave. to Sixth Ave.


Served 6am-11am After 11 Add $1

One Egg on a Roll       1.50
Two Eggs on a Roll       2
Two Egg Whites on a Roll       2.25
Omelet on a Roll cheese, vegetable or western       2.95
Healthy Egg Whites and Vegetable Omelet on a Roll       3.25
Add With bacon, Ham or Sausage       1
Add With Cheese       .50
Two Eggs your choice       2.95
Fluffy Omelets cheese, vegetable or western       3.95
Egg Whites and Veggie Omelet platters served with home fries and toast       3.95
Add With bacon, Ham or Sausage       1
from the griddle
Spiced Challah French Toast served with maple syrup       2.95
Buttermilk Pancakes served with maple syrup       2.95
Add With Sliced Bananas or Strawberries       1
Add With bacon, Ham or Sausage       1
healthy choices
Hearty Oatmeal     sm 2.25   lg 2.95
Topped With Your Choice of: honey, Brown sugar, cinnamon, Granola or Raisins With Sliced Bananas or Strawberries Add       1
Fat Free Yogurt Parfaits made with crunchy granola and fresh fruit     sm 2.95   lg 3.95
Fresh Fruit Bowls     sm 2.75   lg 3.99
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice   sm 1.99   lg 3.49   lt 5.99
bakery buffet
Muffins carrot, blueberry, corn, banana-walnut, cranberry, bran, chocolate, almond       1.50
Fat Free Muffins mixed berry, pineapple-coconut, cappuccino, blueberry, oat bran       1.75
Croissants buttery classic, almond, chocolate     1.50   1.75
Danish fruit, cheese, pecan, cinnamon-swirl       1.75
Scone chocolate chip, orange cranberry, blueberry       1.75
Low Fat Yogurt Loaves plain, lemon ice, marble, carrot, chocolate, cranberry-walnut, poppy, chocolate chip, raisin       1.95
Bagels plain sesame, poppy, onion, cinnamon-raisin, everything, whole wheat, pumpernickel       .75
With Butter or Jelly       .85
With Cream Cheese       1.25
With Cream Cheese spread. (low fat, scallion, vegetable)      
With Lox Spread       2.25
Add Toasted       .50
specialty sandwiches
A. Rosemary Chicken Breast grilled onions, herb mayo, watercress on 8-grain baguette       6.50
B. Cajun Chicken sliced tomatoes, cajun mayo, red lettuce, tomato on foccacia       6.50
C. Crispy Cutlet fresh mozzarella, marinara dressing, crisp greens on ciabatta square       6.50
D. Grilled Chicken Breast roasted peppers, basil oil, red lettuce on crusty ciabatta       6.50
E. Pesto Chicken Salad watercress on rustic roll       6.50
F. Fajitas grilled chicken with chipotle mayo, grilled onions, crisp greens on focaccia       6.50
G. Roast Turkey swiss cheese, tomato, leaf lettuce, dijonnaise dressing on 8-grain baguette       6.50
H. Smoked Turkey brie cheese, honey mustard dressing on french baguette       6.50
I. Turkey B.l.t sliced tomato, leaf lettuce, crispy bacon, herb mayo on onion club roll       6.50
J. Fresh Turkey Breast cranberry spread, granny smith apple slices on 7-grain bread       6.50
K. Turkey Burger grilled onions, melted muenster on rustic roll       6.50
L. Virginia Ham imported swiss, crisp greens, dijonnaise dressing on club roll       6.50
M. Rare Roast Beef watercress, horseradish dressing on onion brioche roll       6.50
N. Black Forest Ham brie, honey mustard dressing on french baguette       6.50
O. Italian Hero proscuitto, genoa salami, roasted peppers, red onion, sharp provolone, balsamic dressing on hero roll       7.25
P. Delmonico's Tuna Salad leaf lettuce, tomato on 8-grain bread       7.25
Q. Smoked Salmon cream cheese, tomato, shaved onion on black bread       6.50
R. Crab Cake herb mayo, leaf lettuce on rustic roll       6.50
R. Veggie Burger lettuce, tomato, sprouts, basil oil on club roll       6.50
our favorite soups
Ask For Our Daily Specials
Chicken Noodle      
Chicken Chili      
Split Pea      
Turkey Wild Rice      
Garden Vegetable      
Tomato Shells      
Mushroom Barley      
Italian Style Wedding Minestrone      
New England Clam Chowder      
Chicken Gumbo      
Beef Barley      
Seafood Gumbo      
Tomato Basil Bisque      
Manhattan Clam Chowder      
Yankee Bean      
Black Bean      
Chicken Pot Pie      
Escarole Tortellini      

sandwich bar

We Offer Boar’s Head Select Meats and Cheeses

Turkey breast, Smoked Turkey, Peppercorn turkey       5.25
Grilled chicken, Crispy Cutlets       5.50
Baked ham, Genoa salami, Bologna       5.25
Roast beef. Black Forest Ham, Virginia ham       5.50
Pastrami, Corned Beef with cheese add       .75
cheeses $4.75
American Swiss      
Provolone Cheddar      
Classic tuna, Vegetable tuna, Home Made Chicken       4.95
Pesto Chicken, Curried chicken       4.95
Egg Salad       4.25
breads $0.50
Whole Wheat      
Kaiser Roll      
French Baguette      
Tomato add       .50
Roasted Peppers add       .50
Jalapenos add       .50
Avocado add       1
Bacon add       1
Sundried Tomatoes add       1
grill favorites
All American Burger served with dill pickle & cole slaw     reg 4.50   dlx 6.25
With Cheese     reg 4.95   dlx 6.75
Philly Cheese     reg 5.75   dlx 6.95
Grilled Cheese       dlx 4
Tuna Melt       dlx 5.25
B.l.t       dlx 4.50
Turkey B.l.t       dlx 5.25
Reuben     reg 5.75   dlx 6.95
B.b.q. Beef deluxe platters include french fries, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle     reg 5.75   dlx 6.95
Fries on the Side       dlx 1.75
Cheese Fries       dlx 2.95
paninis $6.50
P1. Honey Chicken honey coated cutlets, cheddar cheese, honey mustard dressing      
P2. Roast Turkey Breast sliced turkey, imported swiss, crispy, bacon, dijonnaise      
P3. Memphis b.b.q. Chicken tender white meat chicken, grilled onions, sharp cheddar      
P4. Classic Chicken Parmigiana sliced cutlets, pomodoro sauce, fresh mozzarella      
P5. Turkey Cubano roast pork, fresh turkey, swiss, slice pickles, russian dressing      
P6. Chicken Fajitas white meat chicken, roasted peppers, grilled onions, picante salsa      
P7. Chicken Cordon Bleu sliced cutlets, swiss cheese, ham, dijonnaise dressing      
P8. Bistro Ham tender ham slices, swiss, baby spinach, dijonnaise dressing      
P9. Roast Beef ran: roast, grilled onions, swiss cheese, russian dressing      

sushi bar

maki & temakich
1. California       4.49
2. Caviar California       4.99
3. Eel       4.99
4. Tuna Avocado & Cucumber       4.95
5. Salmon Avocado & Cucumber       4.95
6. Tuna & Salmon       5.49
7. Vegetable       3.95
8. Avocado       3.95
9. Cucumber       3.95
10. Spicy Tuna       5.49
11. Roll Combo (3pcs / 5pcs) 1. california & spicy, 2. california & eel, 3. california, tuna & salmon, 4. eel & spicy       4.99
12. Rainbow Roll       8.99
13. Dragon Roll       8.99
14. Sushi Combo assorted sushi 4 pcs & roll 5 pcs       9.99
15. Sashimi assorted tuna, salami, izumidai, crab, white tuna, shrimp eel       14.99
udon & soba
Whole Wheat
1. Chicken Udon       5.99
2. Beef Udon       6.99
3. Shrimp Tempura Udon       6.99
4. Vegetable Tempura Udon       6.99
extra choice vegetable
Spinach, beans, sprouts, Pepper (yellow red)      
Carrot, squash, broccoli, mushroom, Asparagus      
Alfalfa, scallion, pickle, Seaweed      
Sauce chili, japanese pepper sauce      
our hot buffet
Pepper Steak      
Spinach Pie      
Grilled Salmon      
B.b.q. Ribs      
Fried Chicken      
Fresh Sliced Turkey      
Roasted Potatoes      
Mashed Potatoes      
Lo Mein      
Vegetable Fried Rice      
Macaroni & Cheese      
Steamed Vegetables      
our cold buffet
Pasta Salads      
Grilled Vegetables      
Roasted Beets      
Avocado & Tomato Salad      
Grilled Tofu Salad      
Cucumber & Tomato Salad      
Three Bean Salad      
Seafood Salad      
beverages & desserts
Coffee regular (columbian)      
Decaf     sm .92   lg 1.39
Hazelnut     sm 1   lg 1.49
Tea lipton (regular, decaf)     sm .92   lg 1.39
Herbal Tea chamomile, peppermint, green tea, lemongrass, etc     sm 1   lg 1.49
English Breakfast      
Earl Grey      
Cappuccino     sm 2.50   lg 3.50
Iced Cappuccino       3.75
Latte     sm 2.50   lg 3.50
Iced Latte       3.75
Espresso     sgl 1.75   dbl 2.50
Hot Chocolate with steamed milk     sm 1.50   lg 1.99
With Marshmallow Add       .30
Vanilla Butter Cream      
Chocolate Butter Cream      
Carrot Strawberry Short Cake      
Black & White Mousse (kosher)      
N.y. Black Out (kosher)      
Chocolate Mousse (kosher)      
Chocolate Fudge (kosher)      
big cookie
Chocolate Chip      
Chocolate Dip Almond      
M & M      
Black & White      
Vanilla Dip      
Chocolate Macaroon      
Chocolate Dip      
Peanut Butter      
Chocolate Dip      
Rainbow Sprinkle      
Chocolate Sprinkle      
Cinnamon Stick      
Chocolate Stick      
special cakes
Made to Order Chocolate Sponge or Vanilla sponge. Sizes 7" / 10" 1/2 Sheet (9" X 13") / Full Sheet (18" X 26")
Fillings vanilla custard, chocolate custard, chocolate fudge, cannoli cream, chocolate mousse, butter cream, chocolate, vanilla, mocha      
Fruit Fillings cherry, banana, strawberry, pineapple, peaches, raspberry jam, blueberry jam, apricot jam      
Frostings butter cream, vanilla chocolate or mocha chocolate fudge, whipped cream      
specialty wraps $6.25
1. Smoked Turkey tomato, cucumber, mixed greens, herbed mayo in spinach wrap      
2. Malibu Grilled Chicken avocado, roasted peppers, leaf lettuce, sprouts, low fat ranch dressing in red pepper wrap      
3. Chicken Fajita Wrap grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers, and onions, salsa in a white wrap      
3. Turkey Cobb Wrap sliced turkey breast, avocado, bacon, blue cheese, shopped lettuce and tomato in a spinach wrap      
4. Chicken Caesar Wrap romaine, plum tomatoes, roast peppers, caesar dressing in herb wrap      
5. Asian Wrap ginger chicken, broccoli, sprouts, steamed rice in a whole wheat wrap      
healthy choice wraps $6.25
7. Grilled Tofu ginger-carrot confetti, fresh greens in a whole wheat wrap      
8. Italian Tuna made with fresh basil, roasted peppers, red onion, fresh lemon juice in a whole wheat wrap      
9. Grilled Vegetables fresh hummus, sprouts in a whole wheat wrap      
burrito bar
Build Your Own burrito, Maison-style on a Steamed tortilla, Either Flour or White Wheat
Spicy Fajita Chicken       6.95
Tender Marinated Sliced Steak       7.50
Savory Shrimp       7.95
Vegetarian       5.95
burrito bar - choose your ingredients
Spanish Rice      
Organic Brown Rice      
Refried Beans      
Red Beans      
Black Beans      
Grilled Onions      
Roasted Corn      
Sauteed Peppers      
Pico de Gallo      
Grated Cheeses      
Sour Cream      
Guacamole add       1
Shredded Lettuce      
sizzling quesadillas
Served With guacamole, Sour cream, Salsa
Caramel classic three cheeses       5.95
Sausalito picante grilled chicken, shredded cheddar, grilled onions       6.25
Cancun grilled vegetables, sliced avocado, tomato       6.25
Puebla grilled chicken, black beans, salsa       6.25
Sierra fajitas steak, shredded jack, grilled onions       6.50
entree salads
Delmonico's Salad mixed greens, shredded carrot, sliced cucumbers, grape tomatoes, black olives       4.95
With Tuna Salad, Chicken salad or Grilled Chicken       6.75
Caesar       4.95
Chicken Caesar       6.75
Greek       6.75
Cobb       6.95
Grilled Vegetable Over Mixed Green       5.25
Chef       6.95

create your own salad

step 1
Choose Your Lettuce and Salad Size
Mixed Greens or Crispy Romaine     (med 6 toppings) 7.37   (lg 8 toppings) 9.21
step 2
Pick Your Favorite Toss Ins
4. Italian Tuna      
5. Fresh Turkey      
6. Grilled Chicken      
7. Handmade Fresh Mozzarella      
8. Sundried Tomato      
9. Artichoke Hearts      
10. Cajun Chicken      
11. Avocado      
12. Thai Chicken      
13. Romano Cheese      
14. Cheddar Cheese      
15. Feta Cheese      
16. Cherry Tomatoes      
17. Sunflower Seeds      
18. Bacon      
19. Toasted Almonds      
20. Grilled Asparagus      
21. Mandarin Orange      
22. Mixed Nuts      
23. Mixed Olives      
24. Sliced Peppers      
25. Celery      
26. Chinese Noodles      
27. Chick Peas      
28. Hard Cooked Egg      
29. Penne Pasta      
30. Kidney Beans      
31. Broccoli      
32. Cucumber      
33. Shredded Carrots      
34. Sliced Mushrooms      
35. Sweet Peas      
36. Red Onion      
36A. Tofu      
36B. Blue Cheese      
36C. Egg White      
36D. Squash      
37. Parmesan Croutons      
38. Scallions      
39. Alfalfa Sprouts      
step 3
40. Asian Ginger      
41. Fat Free Caesar      
42. Fat Free Honey Dijon      
43. Fat Free Roast Garlic      
44. Sundried Tomato      
45. Creamy Ranch      
46. Italian Cabernet Herb      
47. Greek Feta Cheese      
48. French Dressing      
49. Champagne Vinaigrette      
50. Light Raspberry Vinaigrette      
51. Extra Virgin Olive Oil      
52. Russian Dressing      
step 4
Select Your Main Ingredients
1. Portabello Mushroom      
2. Baked Salmon      
3. Grilled Shrimp      


breakfast favorites
For Six or More
Morning Meeting a platter of fresh bagels. muffins, danish and croissants garnished with fresh berries. served with cream cheese, butter and jam (mini breakfast pastries available with 1 day notice)       pp 4.95
Basically Bagels an assortment of fresh baked bagels and bialys. served with cream cheese, butter and jam       pp 3
Continental platter of fresh bagels, muffins, danish and croissants garnished with fresh berries. includes: coffee service and fresh orange juice. served with cream cheese, butter and jam       pp 6.95
Continental Deluxe full continental breakfast accompanied by fresh seasonal fruit salad       pp 9.95
Hot Continental scrambled eggs with chives. assorted breakfast meats, home fries and toasted breads. includes: juice, coffee service and fresh fruit salad (minimum order - 10 persons)       pp 12.95
Breakfast Wraps your choice of egg: scrambled eggs or egg whites. your choice of filling: tomato, bacon, ham, sausage or western       pp 4.95
Smoked Salmon Platter thin-sliced scottish salmon, garnished with roma tomatoes, red onions, capers and lemon accompanied by fresh bagels and cream cheese       pp 11.95
bite sized sandwiches $7.95
Per person. mini-bagels, Brioche and Croissants Filled With
Granny Smith Apple and Brie      
Peanut butter, Banana and Granola      
Sliced Egg and Crispy Bacon      
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese      
Ham, Tomato and Herb Mayo      
Strawberry Jam and Cream Cheese      
fruits and beverages
Mixed Fruit Salad cubed seasonal fruit topped with fresh berries       pp 4.95
Sliced Fruit Platter decorative sliced fruit arrangement with melons, pineapple, kiwi and berries       pp 5.95
Parfait Bowl - a Healthy Alternative layers of non-fat vanilla or strawberry yogurt, crunchy granola, berries and fruit. individual   (sm cup) 2.95   (lg cup) 4.95   bowl 5.25
Coffee Service our house blend served with milk, skim milk and sugar packets       pp 2
Tea Service a carafe of hot water with an assortment of regular and decaf tea bags. served with milk and sliced lemon       pp 2
Freshly Squeezed Juices orange, grapefruit or carrot       pitcher 12
lunch packages
Choose From a Variety of Classic Sandwiches, Gourmet sandwiches and Wraps As Well As Side salads, From Our Following menus: Chips and Pickles Includes
Package a assorted sandwiches and wraps served with one side salad       pp 11.95
Package B a selection of sandwiches and wraps with one side accompanied by our bakery dessert tray       pp 15.95
Package C assorted sandwiches and wraps served with one side salad accompanied by our bakery dessert tray and fruit tray       pp 18.95
Package D make your own sandwich. a delectable assortment of savory meats and cheeses choose from: roast turkey, smoked turkey, grilled chicken, roast beef, black forest ham, genoa salami, swiss, cheddar, american, provolone, muenster. served with assorted breads and rolls, classic relish tray, sandwich dressings and one side salad       pp 14.95
gourmet sandwiches
Rosemary Chicken Breast grilled onions, herb mayo and watercress on8-grain baguette      
Grilled Chicken Breast roasted peppers, basil oil and red lettuce on crusty ciabatta      
Caprice fresh mozzarella, plum tomato, fresh basil and olive oil on onion focaccia      
Roast Turkey swiss cheese, tomato and leaf lettuce with dijonnaise dressing on 8 grain baguette      
Smoked Turkey brie cheese and honey mustard dressing on french baguette      
Avocado Supreme fresh avocado slices, tomato, leaf lettuce, cucumber slices and fresh basil on 8-grain bread      
Roast Beef fresh watercress and horseradish dressing on onion brioche r      
Delmonico's Tuna Salad with leaf lettuce and tomato on 8-grain bread      
Crispy Cutlet fresh mozzarella, marinara dressing and crisp greens on ciabatta square      
Peppermill Turkey muenster cheese, fresh dijon mustard and leaf lettuce on "pretzel roll"      
Turkey Delightful turkey breast, cole slaw, swiss cheese, leaf lettuce and russian dressing on "pretzel" bread      
Turkey Cheddar sliced turkey cheddar, vermont cheddar, lettuce, tomato and dijonnaise on a poppy onion pocket roll      
Smoked Turkey havarti cheese and dill mayo dressing on sourdough bread      
Fresh Turkey Breast cranberry spread and granny smith apple slices on 7-grain bread      
Black Forest Ham swiss cheese, leaf lettuce and dijonnaise dressing on whole wheat kaiser roll      
burrito buffet bar
An Assortment of Fajitas chicken, Sliced steak, Shrimp & Vegetable Burritos served with sides of salsa, guacamole, sour cream, refried beans and flavored tortilla chips       pp 14.95
specialty wraps
Smoked Turkey Wrap with tomato, cucumber, mixed greens and herbed mayo in a spinach wrap      
Malibu Grilled Chicken Wrap avocado, roasted peppers, leaf lettuce, sprouts, low-fat ranch dressing in a whole wheat wrap      
Turkey Cobb Wrap sliced turkey breast, avocado, bacon, bleu cheese chopped lettuce and tomato in a spinach wrap      
Chicken Caesar Wrap romaine lettuce, plum tomato, roasted peppers and caesar dressing in an herb wrap      
Asian Wrap ginger chicken, broccoli, sprouts and brown rice in a whole wheat wrap      
Rio Grande Wrap picante chicken, roasted corn, black beans, roasted peppers and creamy chipotle dressing in a white wrap      
Grilled Tofu Wrap ginger-carrot confetti and fresh greens in a whole wheat wrap      
Grilled Vegetables Wrap fresh hummus and sprouts in a whole wheat wrap      
panini sandwich trays $11.95
Per person. Served With One Side Salad
Honey Chicken honey coasted cutlets, cheddar cheese and honey mustard      
Roasted Turkey Breast sliced turkey, imported swiss cheese, crispy bacon and dijonnaise dressing      
Memphis Bbq Chicken tender white meat chicken, grilled onions and sharp cheddar cheese      
Classic Chicken Parmigiana sliced cutlets, pomodoro sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese      
Turkey Cubano roast pork, fresh turkey, swiss cheese, sliced pickles and russian dressing      
Chicken Fajitas white meat chicken, roasted peppers, grilled onions and picante salsa      
Chicken Cordon Bleu sliced cutlets, swiss cheese, ham and dijonnaise dressing      
Ranchero sliced chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, avocado, sliced tomato and ranch dressing      
Eggplant Parmigiana breaded eggplant, pomodoro sauce and mozzarella      
side salads
Penne Pesto penne pasta tossed with roasted peppers, black olives, grilled onions, baby spinach and fresh pesto dressing      
Fusilli Primavera spiral pasta tossed with fresh seasonal vegetables and herbed italian dressing      
New Potato Salad baby red bliss potatoes with grilled onions, chopped celery and mustard-dill dressing      
Homemade Cole Slaw shredded cabbage and carrots with raisins and creamy slaw vinaigrette      
Garden Salad tender mixed greens, shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, chick peas, broccoli and cherry tomatoes served with our house balsamic vinaigrette      
Classic Caesar chopped romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese and croutons served with low-fat creamy caesar dressing      
Greek Salad cubed feta cheese, sliced cucumbers, mixed olives, cherry tomatoes, red onions and peppers garnished with stuffed grape leaves, served with zesty feta vinaigrette      
Moroccan Couscous Salad a tender grain combined with shredded carrots, dried cranberries, red onion, parsley and olive oil      
Corn Salad oven-roasted corn, black beans, pinto beans and mixed peppers with cilantro vinaigrette      
party platters
Per person. Ideal For meetings, Snacks or Office Functions Enjoy the Pasty and Leave the Work to us!
Charcuterie a selection of savory pates and creamy mousses, spicy sausages and smoked ham served with french cornichons, olives, pommery mustard and baguette slices       9.95
Vegetable Crudites baby carrots, celery sticks, sliced squash, broccoli and cauliflower florets served with creamy bleu cheese dip       5.95
Sliced Fruit Platter decorative sliced fruit arrangement with melons, pineapple, kiwi and berries       5.95
Cheese Board imported and domestic cheeses arranged with grapes, berries and savory crackers       7.95
Santa Fe Platter fresh guacamole and tangy salsa with assorted corn chips and pico de gallo       6.95
Antipasti Platter proscuitto-wrapped sesame sticks, sliced soppressata, pesto bocconcini, genoa salami, roasted peppers, mixed olives and italian bread slices       11.95
hors d' oeuvres
Priced Per Dozen - 2 Dozen Minimum Order Per Hors d' Oeuvre
Bite-size Crab Cakes with creamy cajun dipping sauce       36
Shrimp Cocktail with traditional tangy cocktail sauce       36
Tiny Red Bliss Potatoes topped with creme fraiche, salmon caviar and chives       30
Roast Salmon with lemon-cumin rub in endive spears       32
Tuna or Salmon Sushi Roll       20
Sashimi or Sushi Platters priced pp      
Baked Mushrooms Caps filled with sauteed spinach and mozzarella       21
Assorted Petit Quiches       24
Mini Spring Rolls with ginger hoisin dip       24
Crispy Chicken Tenders with honey mustard dip       18
Mini Tomato Basil Bruschettas       18
Thai Chicken Satays with sesame ginger dipping sauce       27
California Roll Assortment       18
Goat Cheese Crostini topped with olive tapenade       20
Chipotle Chicken Skewers with creamy salsa dip       27
Beef Tenderloin Croustade with horseradish cream       36
Classic Swedish Meatballs on bamboo skewer       27
Buffalo Chicken Wings with creamy bleu cheese dip       18
Wild Mushroom Ragout in mini brioche       24
entrees - fish & seafood
Try Something Special For Your Lunch Meeting Business Dinner or Banquet buffet. Served With Two accompaniments, Bread Tray and Salad (priced Per Person; 10 person minimum)
Oven Roasted Salmon with fresh herbs       pp 18.95
Tilapia Provencale with mixed peppers, plum tomatoes, olives and capers       17.95
Shrimp Scampi with white wine, garlic and parsley-butter sauce       24.95
Teriyaki Glazed Salmon with scallion sesame broth       18.95
Pesto Shrimp sauteed with fresh arugula and tomato       22.95
entrees - poultry
Chicken Francese with lemon butter sauce       18.95
Roast Turkey Breast with sage-leek dressing and pan gravy       17.95
Chicken Marsala with sauteed wild mushrooms       18.95
Delmonico's Chicken Kiev filled with spinach and ricotta in garlic-white wine sauce       21.95
Classic Chicken Cacciatore with tomatoes, peppers, onions and olives       17.95
Stir-fried Chicken Breast with broccoli, scallion, cabbage and hoisin sauce       17.95
Chicken Cutlet Milanese with baby spinach, chopped tomato and parmesan balsamico dressing       18.95
entrees - meats
Peppered Filet Mignon with roasted shallots and bordelaise sauce       27.50
Sauteed Sirloin Tips with mushrooms, grilled onions and red wine sauce       24.50
French Rice Pilaf      
Vegetable Couscous      
Oven Roasted Rosemary Potatoes      
Spanish Rice with tomatoes      
Orzo with spinach      
Country Style Garlic Mashed Potatoes      
Glazed Baby Carrots      
Roasted Vegetable Medley      
Asian Stir-fried Vegetables      
Roasted Brussel Sprouts with shallots      
Grilled Vegetable Arrangement      
Green Beans Almondine      
Broccoli with toasted garlic and olive oil      
Cauliflower Au Gratin      
6 Person Minimum
Cookies & Brownies Tray a tantalizing display of our freshly baked butter cookies and assorted brownies garnished with seasonal berries       pp 4.95
Mini Cupcake Platter homemade chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with whipped vanilla and fudge butter cream (24 hour required)       pp 5.95
Viennese Pastry Platter 10 person minimum. a selection of mini specialty european pastries including cream puffs, eclairs, napoleons, cannolis and fresh fruit tarts (24 hour notice required)       pp 7.95
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (2 Dozen minimum) fresh california strawberries dipped in semisweet milk or white belgian chocolate (24 hour notice required)       (per piece) 2
Special Occasion Cakes & Tarts beautifully decorated and customized for any event call for available varieties (24 hour notice required)