• Foodswings

  • Vegetarian/Vegan $6-$8
  • 295 Grand St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Neighborhood: Williamsburg
  • Phone: 718-388-1919
Foodswings Photo
This venue is closed. Imagine the snack bar at the local ice rink in the town where you grew up: the friendly bar where you ordered; the garish décor; the plastic trays and baskets; the laminated tables and booths; and the greasy fried food, too-sweet soda, and impossibly thick milkshakes. Now imagine that spot without any signs of actual meat or dairy products and situated in dripping-with-irony Williamsburg and you've got yourself Foodswings, the greasiest vegan spoon in town. They manage to create some convincing deep-fried favorites out of soy products. The typical snack bar fare—hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos—is augmented by salads and lighter sandwiches, and the novel "milk" shake flavors, like butterfinger and pistachio, give McDonalds a run for its money. The "chicken" drumsticks in Buffalo, barbecue, and Southern-fried versions particularly impress, approximating their free-range equivalent in taste and texture—though diners should beware the chopstick-like bone at their center.

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    Delivery Lunch Take-Out Late-Night Dining

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    No Alcohol

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    Not Accepted

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