• Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

  • Coffeehouse $2-$4.25
  • 138 W. 10th St.
    New York, NY 10014
  • Neighborhood: West Village
  • Phone: 212-929-0821
Jack's Stir Brew Coffee Photo
Jack Mazzola attributes the rich, full-bodied flavor of his consistently delicious drip coffee to the stir brewer, a device of his own invention that oxygenates the grinds as they brew, purportedly reducing their acidity. There's also his proprietary blend of politically correct beans-certified organic, Fair Trade, and shade-grown-micro-roasted up in Vermont by a retiree Mazzola met, in typical coffee-geek fashion, through Dominican writer and coffee farmer Julia Alvarez. That sustainably grown philosophy extends to the rest of Jack's repertoire, from Ronnybrook Farm yogurt to H&H bagels, which he'll happily toast. Ultimately, it's what's in the cup that counts, and what makes Jack's intensely loyal clientele navigate the swarm of surrounding Starbucks for his fearlessly dark, consistently smooth cup that truly is good to the last drop.

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    Mon-Fri, 6:30am-7pm Sun, 7am-7pm

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    Live Music Breakfast

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    No Alcohol

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    Not Accepted

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