• Lechonera La Piraña

  • Latin American Caribbean Seafood $1.50-$14
  • East 152nd St.
    Bronx, NY 10455
  • Neighborhood: The Bronx
  • Phone: 347-609-9714
Lechonera La Piraña Photo
An homage to Puerto Rican culture, this two-truck outfit—one for serving customers, the other for roasting pig—is parked on an otherwise indistinct South Bronx block. The food, however, is anything but ordinary. There’s an invigorating seafood salad, with chopped squid and olives; a soothing but simple sopa de gandules (pigeon pea soup); and chewy alcapurrias con carne (yucca fritters with beef). Most customers come for the Puerto Rican national dish of lechon con arroz y gandules (roast pork with rice and pigeon peas); the pork’s formidably crunchy skin and fragrant dry rub of oregano, black pepper, and garlic makes for a one-two punch that’s difficult to beat. But it’s Piraña’s pastelillos de jueyes (crab empanadas), with their flaky crusts and juicy, adobo-forward fillings, that are a must-order. Garnishes of housemade mojo, a pungent puréed garlic sauce, and pique, a thin vinegar-based hot sauce, are necessary add-ons.
  • Hours

    Sat-Sun, 10am-8pm (or until the last lechon runs out usually between 6:00 and 8:00) Mon-Fri, closed

  • Prices


  • Payment

    Cash Only

  • Special Features

    Lunch Breakfast Take-Out Open Kitchens / Watch the Chef Outdoor Dining Reservations Not Required Catering Classic NY

  • Alcohol

    No Alcohol

  • Reservations

    Not Accepted

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