• Neerob

  • Indian Asian: Southeast $1-$9
  • 2109 Starling Ave.
    Bronx, NY 10462
  • Neighborhood: The Bronx
  • Phone: 718-904-7061
This venue is closed.

“Fish and rice make a Bengali,” goes the ancient proverb, which is actually decent advice for dining at this Parkchester, Bronx, jewel. Among the family recipes served by owner Mohammed Baktiar “Khokon” Rahman, mustard oil adds a kick to nearly everything—particularly in the mashed vegetable known as bharta. Spices are less common than elsewhere on the Indian subcontinent; instead, guests can count on finding abundant kacha morich (a fiery green pepper that is the cousin to the Thai chili), a consistent presence amid the steam table’s daily changes. (When ordering, the steam table, an all-the-time fixture that holds that day’s dishes, is the way to go. There is a print menu, but it’s rarely used.) A proper meal calls for something resembling a DIY Thali plate: a platter of white rice topped with dhal, surrounded by small portions of various dishes eaten by hand. The fish comes in many forms, from curries to the challengingly pungent shutki chutney, made from dried fish. On the vegetable front, you’re likely to find simple preparations of spinach glistening with mustard oil, hardy vegetables, and assorted tubers.

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