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85 Very Good

Kitschy cocktails, cheap beer, and Stephen Tanner’s superb fried chicken.

366 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11211


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The lowdown

“Order from the bar” is this kitschy-cocktail nautical dive’s house rule, which can be a pain when the place is mobbed with its usual contingent of tattooed locals. But once dinner arrives, all is forgiven: the three-thigh fried-chicken plate, with biscuits and hot sauce; the hot-breast sandwich; the equally incendiary hot fish. (Do you detect a theme?) There’s also a classic burger, an irresistible pimento-poblano grilled “adult” cheese, and, if you must, relatively dietetic options like stewed black-eyed peas and kale ladled over cornbread.

Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld

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