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Tintol Menu (Dinner)

cold tapas

Boquerones fresh marinated anchovies       7.50
Piquillos Peppers stuffed with brandade       8
Tortilla       5.50
Cold Mussels Vinaigrette       7
Escabeche of Sardines       6.50
Mixed Olives       4
Serrano Ham       12.50
Cantimpalo Salami spicy salami       7.50
Lomo Iberico cured pork loin       8.50
Octopus Salad       9
Charcuterie       15
Cheese Platter       14
Piquillo Peppers with garlic       6.50


Chorizo       8.50
Octopus       10
Morcela blood sausage       8
Calamari       7.50
Prawns       12
Sardines       6.50
Beef Tenderloin bone marrow       12
Lamb Loin with cumin       11
Espetadas beef shish kebab       8


Lettuce with sherry wine vinaigrette       6
Watercress with cabralles cheese       7.50
Beet Salad       8
Ensalada de Bonito del Norte tuna, olives & fingerlings salad       10
White Bean Salad       7


Oxtail Ragu       11
Pipis braised chicken giblets in tomato sauce       6
Braised Stuffed Calamari       7
Clams with garlic and cilantro       10
Tripas a Moda Do Porto braised tripes with white beans       9.50
Shrimp Scampi       12
Mussels with garlic and white wine       9.50
Braised Pork Belly in madeira wine       9.50
Chanfana de Cabrito braised goat in red wine       11
Pork Tenderloin with clams       9.50
Quails with mushrooms and madeira sauce       8.50
Almondegas lamb meat balls       7
Wild Mushrooms with sherry wine       6
Monkfish Piperade       10
Bacalhau Cassoulet       12

the frying pan

Croquetas       6
Bolos de Bacalhau cod fish fritters       6
Rissois shrimp turnovers       7.50
Ovos Verdes fried deviled eggs       4.50

just in case

Bitoque steak with fries       15.50
Steak Sandwich       12
Grilled Ham & Cheese       10
Francesinha classic portuguese ham, cheese & chourizo sandwich w/ spicy sauce       12.50

side dishes

Spinach with pine nuts and raisins       7
Papas Bravas       5
Fries with smoked paprika       5