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Village Menu

  • Takeout Available | Delivery Available
  • Delivery Payment:
    $20 minimum
  • Delivery Hours:
    Mon-Fr, 6pm-11pm; Sat-Sun, 11:30am-3:30pm and 6pm-11pm
  • Delivery Area:
    4th St. to 13th St., Fourth Ave. to Seventh Ave.

dinner menu

Dinner Specials Change Daily

Steamed Mussels with chile ancho and bacon       12.50
soup & salad
Mixed Green Salad with herbs       9.50
With Warm Coach Farm Goat Cheese       10.75
Warm Chicory and Frisee Salad with roquefort, lardons and sweet garlic       11.25
Boston Salad chopped with escarole, gruyere, capers and boiled egg       10.50
main courses
Roast Chicken with lemon, garlic and thyme, spinach and mashed potatoes       21.50
New York Strip Steak Au Poivre with french fries       32.50
Grilled N.y Strip Steak maitre d' butter with french fries       31.50
Salmon With Tarragon creme fraiche and dijon leeks and spaetzle       22.50
French Fries       6
Fresh Sauteed Spinach       7.50
Popcorn with ancho chile powder and butter       4.75
Cup of Soup       4.75
Chickpea Polenta Fritters with smoked paprika       5
Cucumber Salad       4.75
cafe menu
Choice of
Village Burger with french fries       15.50
Cheddar, bacon, Grilled onions, Mushrooms       each 1
Avocado, Truffle Butter       2
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with bacon, fontina, tomato and basil       12.75
Your Choice of 3 Omelet peppers, cheese, spinach, bacon or onions       12.50
Salmon or Tuna Burger with wasabi mayonnaise       16.50
B.b.q. 'd Pulled Pork Sandwich cucumber salad       15.50

dinner fixe-fixe $28.50

Mixed Green      
Creme Brulee      
Glass of House Wine      
Draft Beer      
American Coffee      

2 courses, choice of soups, salads or dessert

brunch menu

soup & salad
Warm Chicory salad* with roquefort, lardon and garlic       8.75
Mixed Green Salad with herbs       7
With Coach Farm Goat Cheese       7.75
With Portobello       8.50
main courses
Chicken Apple Sausage with scrambled eggs       10.50
Eggs Benedict       10.75
Green Chilaquiles and Fried Eggs sautéed corn tortillas with tomatillo salsa and cojita cheese       11.50
Egg White and Herb Omelet with mixed greens       10.50
Eggs Any Style with home fries       9.50
Smoked Salmon Bagel * with cream cheese, red onion, tomato and capers       14.50
Ginger Apple Pancakes chestnut creme anglaise       12.50
sides $5.50
Special Omelet chef's selection of fresh ingredients      
brunch prix fixe $19.50
Choice of: bellini, mimosa, Bloody mary, Mango margarita, screwdriver, or Fresh O.j
Soup or Salad      
Basket of Home Baked Cakes and Muffins      
Coffee or Tea      
tap beer $7
16 Oz
Stella Artois      
Palm Ale      
bottle beer
Budweiser       5
Chimay Rouge       8
Paulaner Pilsner       6.50
Amstel Light       5.50
Sierra Nevada P.a       6
Clausthaler       4.50
Many more!