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Woo Lae Oak Menu


Mon-fri: 12pm-3pm

bann sang $15
Lunchbox Set With House salad, rice, Spinach Miso soup, Daily Prepared Side Dish & Choice of Entree
Kal Bi Nim beef short rib steak braised in a sake ginger soy glaze      
Dak Katsu panko breaded flash fried chicken breast pieces      
Un Dae Gu Jo Rim black cod & daikon simmered in a spicy garlic soy reduction      
Yun Aw Gui broiled atlantic salmon filet with sauteed spinach & tofu      
bi bim bap $13
Steamed White Rice Topped With Marinated spinach, zucchini, Shiitake mushroom, Spicy daikon, Carrot & Crisp Romaine
Chicken fried egg on request      


muchim - marinated cold dishes
Cham Chi Hwe fresh ahi tuna sashimi mixed with assorted crisp greens in tart citrus and chili sauce       15
Gol Baeng Ie thinly sliced florida crown conch, pickled daikon and cucumber dressed in spicy red pepper sauce       13
Yook Hwe sesame marinated steak tartare seasoned with garlic and soy over sliced asian pear (raw yolk on request)       15
Bul Go Gi Salad thinly sliced marinated beef rib eye barbeque with fresh cucumber, red onion and baked daikon salad       13
mari - wrapped cut rolls
O Ree Mari chilled long island duck breast, crisp daikon and shredded greens rolled in a miso blini with plum sauce       13
Ke Sal Mari seasoned crab and sauteed leek wrapped in spinach crepes with a light mustard sauce       15
jun - grilled
Bin Dae Duk savory pancakes made with yellow mungbean, kimchi and beansprouts with pickled cucumber salad       13
Ga Ri Bi Jun seasoned sea scallops grilled with light egg coaling with silky chili sauce       13
Pa Jun traditional sizzling pancakes with sliced scallion and assorted peppers ( vegetarian, kimchi or seafood)       15
ti kim - flash fried
Goroke panko breaded croquettes made mashed potato, carrot and onion       10
Goon Mandu house made dumplings with a tofu chili dipping sauce (shrimp or beef)       12
Dak Nal Ke spicy chili glazed free range chicken drumettes with crispy golden plantain rounds       12
O Jing Aw Ti Kim calamari, asian broccoli and eggplant tempura sauteed in a spicy honey chili glaze       15
Go Chu Ti Kim lightly battered korean green pepper stuffed with whitefish filet served with a spicy kimchi sauce       13
gui - broiled
Pae Joo Gui minced sea scallop and korean pine mushroom baked in a silky shrimp mousse       14
Jang Aw Gui eel broiled in sweet soy marinade served over sizzling river stones       15
Dae Ji Jim slowly roasted baby pork ribs basted in a tangy soy and chili glaze       14
bok kum - stir fried
Duk Bok Ki rice cake and chayote squash sauteed in a spicy red chili pepper sauce       13
Ya Chae Bok Kum assorted mushrooms and vegetables in a sweet and spicy chili sauce       12
Jap Chae stir fried glass noodles and mixed vegetables flavored with soy and sesame (vegetarian or beef)       13
authentic korean barbeque
All Barbeques Are Prepared to Order in Our Signature marinade. Served With Steamed White rice, House Romaine Salad and Assorted 'namul' Side Dishes
authentic korean barbeque - seafood $25
Sae Woo shrimp      
Ga Ri Bi sea scallops      
Nong Aw striped bass      
Yun Aw atlantic salmon      
Cham Chi yellow fin tuna      
authentic korean barbeque - meat
Bul Go Gi thinly sliced beef rib eye       26
Kal Bi boneless beef short rib       28
An Shim tender filet mignon       34
Hyam Mit sliced beef tongue       24
Dae Ji spicy pork tenderloin       24
Yang loin of lamb       24
authentic korean barbeque - poultry
Dak sliced chicken breast       22
O Ree long island duck breast       24
authentic korean barbeque - vegetarian
Ya Chae assorted vegetables       18
Bo Sot shiitake mushroom       22
traditional dishes - entrees
Tofu Steak baked tofu with julienned pine mushroom, cabbage and bamboo shoots sauteed in a mild chili reduction       22
Jae Yook Kimchi Bok Kum thinly sliced lean pork belly sauteed with spicy kimchi and hot chili peppers       23
Dak Do Ri Tang casserole with braised chicken breast, carrot and potato in a mild red pepper sauce       23
Gooksu egg noodles sauteed with mixed vegetables in soy and sesame sauce (vegetarian, beef, chicken or shrimp)       22
Dae Ji Kal Bi slowly roasted pork spare ribs basted in a tangy soy chili sauce with sweet corn on the cob       23
Kal Bi Jim tender beef short rib simmered in sake ginger soy glaze served off the bone with kabocha squash       28
Un Dae Gu Jo Rim black cod and daikon simmered in a spicy garlic soy reduction       30
traditional dishes - rice dishes
Bok Kum Bap wok fried rice with bean sprouts, egg and scallion (vegetarian, beef, chicken or shrimp/ spicy option)       15
Bi Bim Bap white rice with assorted seasoned marinated vegetables and crisp greens (vegetarian, beef or chicken)       15
Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap crisped bi bim bap warmed in a sizzling stone bowl (vegetarian, beef or chicken)       18
Yook Hwe Bi Bim Bap sesame marinated steak tartare over bi bim bap (raw yolk on request)       18
traditional dishes - soups & stews
Shi Kum Chi Guk korean red miso soup with spinach, scallion and tofu (small/ large)     7   15
Yook Ke Jang spicy red chili soup with shredded beef, glass noodles, shitake mushroom and egg       15
Kimchi Chi Ge spicy pickled kimchi and tofu stew with sliced pork belly, onion and scallion       15
Den Jang Chi Ge miso stew with diced tofu, pork, zucchini, mushroom, onion and green chili       15
Soon Doo Boo silky tofu stewed in a spicy broth with red chili pepper (vegetarian or seafood)       15
dessert menu
Assorted Cream Brulee trio of brulee: vanilla bean, spiced kabocha and ginger       8
Yellow Mungbean Cups organic mungbean custard baked with pistachio in crispy phyllo cups       8
O Mi Cha Dragon buttery puff pastry layered with o mi cha berry mousse, fresh sliced strawberries and ice cream       8
Pear Crumble spiced asian pear topped with buttery crumble and pear ice cream       8
Soju Banana Sabayon silky soju and banana infused whipped custard mixed with mixed berries and sweet sesame dipping cookies       8
Hot Chocolate Cake individually molded rich dark chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream       8
Tropical Snow coconut ice cream topped with shaved coconut milk ice, jellied fruit, sweet beans and vanilla ginger anglaise       9
Ice Cream macha green tea, vanilla bean, chocolate, coconut       7
Sorbet green apple, lychee, korean pear, yuja pineapple       7
dessert wine & ports
Elderton, "golden semillon" Australia     gl 9   btl 30
Sandeman "ruby porto"       9
Churchill's "lbv"       11
Warre's Otima "10 Yr tawny"       11
Warre's Nimrod "18 Yr tawny"       13
Taylor Fladgate "20 Yr tawny"       13