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Regina Bakery

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  • Type: Gourmet Marketplace
  • Products & Services: Bakeries / Specialty Cakes

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  • Bakeries / Specialty Cakes


There's nothing assuming about Park Slope's Regina Bakery. The items on offer are standard Italian breads and treats. If you delve a little into the inventory, however, some real standouts emerge. The cannoli is rich, but not overly so, making judicious use of chocolate chips within a firm, browned shell. Croissants don't look special, but the flaky insides, savory rather than sweet, have a lot of character. The homemade bread pudding’s browned crust covers a sweet, raison-dotted, taut-textured interior. In the borough of Junior's, rival cheesecakes have an uphill battle, but Regina’s is memorable. Airy and smooth, with a lightly-singed top and a strong hint of lemon, it's impossible to put down. Of the biscotti, including sorento and sesame, the almond is the best. Tooth-breakers when hard, a dip into coffee—available to-go only, as there are no seats here—mellows the granular interior and brings out the taste of the generous portions of almond. The challah bread falls short of authentic—the dough isn't nearly airy enough—but it's tasty in its own way, with a firm golden skin. The macaroons are also near misses, with the coconut too fine and the overall cookie a shade too greasy. The cookies by the pound are a better option, especially the rainbow ones, with their spongy layers framed in chocolate.