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  • Getting Lucky: Animal Fair editor Wendy hardly goes anywhere without bringing best friend Lucky, left.

    The show opens with a party for Kristen Davis from Sex and the City.

    And then we meet some of the singles....

    Leoni works as a "decoy." She's hired by wealthy women to find out if their husbands or boyfriends are cheating. On assignment at a bar, she finds out that an engaged Wall Streeter is, as his fiancee suspected, quite a player.

    Natasha, a hard-working British trader who's juggling several "cute boys" — not without a few complications — hits the chic nightspot Lot 61 with friends and gets the attention of three different men.

    Allison, a 6'1" model, has been involved with boyfriend Christopher for a year and a half, but she's feeling restless in the relationship and is secretly dating other guys. While on a date with Michael — a confident "player" type who's dying to sleep with her — she spots Christopher dining with a coworker at the table right behind them. Temporarily losing her cool, she breaks into tears. Michael, meanwhile, clearly doesn't believe Allison's explanation that Christopher is her "ex-boyfriend," and he leaves the restaurant without her.

    In Central Park, The Barracudas Donna, Kathleen, Sandra, and Kathy — talk about dating and compare horror stories about bad kissers: "This one guy was, like, spitting in my mouth!" says Kathy.

    Lauren, an ex-attorney turned R&B singer, goes shopping in SoHo and talks about the type of guy she wants to meet. She expresses frustration that men don't seem to appreciate women who are intelligent, assertive, and ambitious — qualities that she has in abundance.

    Wendy, the editor of Animal Fair magazine, goes to an off-Broadway theater party attended by downtown A-listers like Dominica Scorsese. As usual, her signature fashion accessory — and a convenient conversation-starter for men — is her little white dog, Lucky.

    On the same night, the Barracudas attend a rooftop party that's filled with wealthy Upper East Siders. Sandra runs into "," an ex-boyfriend so nicknamed because he broke up with her over email.


    Seen in this episode

    Lot 61
    West Chelsea velvet-rope lounge where Natasha flirts with three different guys.
    550 W. 21st St., 212-243-6555


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