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    After being caught cheating on Christopher, Allison says she's tired of being deceitful: "I'm seeing four guys, sleeping with three of them. I just can't do it anymore. I don't even like any of these guys!" She and Christopher meet in Central Park for a long, difficult conversation about their relationship, and ultimately decide to break up.

    The breakup with Christopher doesn't faze Allison for long. Her next date is with Marc — and she makes her interest in him very clear. "What time to you have to get up in the morning?" she asks. "7am," he replies. "So I have to leave around 6, then," she says. After some intense PDA at the restaurant, it looks like Allison is going to have her way.

    Leoni, who has a thing for young male models, goes dancing at Luahn with 19-year-old boy toy Jeremy (one of six male models she's currently dating). But after Jeremy takes a nasty face-first spill on the dancefloor, their date ends in the emergency room.

    The Barracudas spend a glitzy weekend in the Hamptons at the multi-million-dollar home of Donna's boyfriend Steve. Their weekend agenda is a whirlwind of sunbathing and parties, including an extravagant salsa soiree, a Go-Gos concert, and a midnight barbecue.

    Natasha goes shopping with her sister Sammy, who's visiting from London. Later, she has dinner with a group of friends, including her neighbor's cute brother Edward. But things don't go exactly as she expected. She flirts with Edward, but finds herself more attracted to another man in the group, John-Paul.

    British P.R. whiz Penny loves New York, but expresses some frustration with the dating scene. Men tend to assume that thirtysomething women just want to settle down and get married, she says. Her spirits rise when she bumps into Mark, a guy she flirted with at a party and then she sees him kissing his beautiful girlfriend.


    Seen in this episode
    Leoni and Jeremy go dancing at this club/restaurant co-owned by actor Stephen Baldwin.
    59 Fifth Ave., 212-242-9709

    Midtown Japanese restaurant where Allison has a very intimate dinner with Marc.
    205 W. 53rd St., 212-398-9810

    Pookie & Sebastian
    Funky boutique where Natasha and her sister go shopping.
    249 E. 77th St., 212-717-1076

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