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    The Barracudas take a yoga class with their sexy personal instructor, Emile. But Kathy has other things on her mind: "I don't want to hurt my hips in case I see John this weekend. I don't want to be sore!"

    Next, we meet Dany Levy, the creator of the e-mail newsletter Daily Candy. She goes on a trendspotting mission to La Petite Coquette, the Village lingerie shop famous for the pearl thong ($69). Next, she's off to a downtown spa to check up on bikini waxing trends. What's hot? The Sphinx — named for the Egyptian cat that's completely hairless.

    Two more new faces: Jennifer(an event organizer) and Mike (an artist), on a blind date organized by an Internet dating service. Their plans: A laughing yoga class. It's not the best activity for a first date — they're both extremely awkward. Things get worse over dinner, with Jennifer doing most of the talking. Separately, they return to the dating service the next day to assess the date. "I didn't like her at all," says Mike. Jennifer is more diplomatic, but it's clear that there won't be a second date for these two.

    Lauren pays her weekly visit to Marcy's salon, where she gets a blow-out and catches up on gossip. "Men are like bags," she says. " You want a Gucci, but can you pay the price? Is it a Gucci, or is it a fake?" After catching a breather at her enormous New Jersey apartment, she drives her silver Mercedes back into Manhattan to meet her three girlfriends for dinner — and to look around for a "Gucci" guy. "Bring that 22-year-old over here!" she shouts as they toast Cosmopolitans.

    Two of the Barracudas have afternoon dates with guys who are just friends — so far. Kathy has lunch with Adam, who's handsome and I.W. (independently wealthy). He's been interested in her ever since they met on a blind date, but she says she's happy keeping things platonic. Donna, meanwhile, goes jogging in Central Park with her good friend Michael, who offers her a man's point of view on the dating scene. "We spend so much time together, we're on the same menstrual cycle," he jokes.

    Leoni takes a limo ride with model Jack, who shows off his billboard in Times Square. Later, she and her pals spend the day sunbathing on her roof terrace which overlooks the Chrysler Building.

    On the Fourth of July, Natasha goes to a party on the Upper East Side. But the Barracudas have landed the best plans: They've been invited to watch the fireworks from a friend's $5 million yacht. Sandra is celebrating her very own independence day — it's the one-year anniversary of her move back to New York after her divorce.

    At Tavern on the Green with two girlfriends, Leoni bumps into friend Shay, who's a Chippendale. But she only has eyes for 19-year-old model Jeremy, with whom she's increasingly smitten. While they were having sex, she confides, "He told me I was a couture fit!"


    Seen in this episode

    Daily Candy
    Dany Levy's email newsletter.

    Elegant Upper West Side restaurant where Kathy and Adam have lunch.
    359 Columbus Ave. at 77th St., 212-724-2100

    La Petite Coquette
    Home of the pearl thong and other hot lingerie trends.
    51 University Pl., 212-473-2478

    Marcy's Images
    The salon that's responsible for Lauren's fabulous 'dos.
    54 W. 31st St., 212-889-9540

    Tavern on the Green
    Leoni skips the fireworks and comes here on the Fourth of July.
    Central Park West at 67th St., 212-873-3200

    Va Tutto!
    Famous for its backyard garden, this restaurant is the scene of Jennifer and Mike's awkward blind date.
    23 Cleveland Pl., between Kenmare and Spring Sts., 212-941-0286


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