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    The Barracudas catch up during their regular rendez-vous in Central Park. Kathy's been getting some action with John, and the other girls tease her that he's her "Mr. Big."

    Kathy goes on two commercial auditions, one for a diet drink and one for a major phone company. On the way, she pays a visit to her friend Matt, who works at He's recently put her photos on the site — although his interest in her is clearly more than professional.

    After a trip to the salon, Allison has lunch with David, a stockbroker whom she met at a fashion show. It's a first date and he seems a bit awkward, but that doesn't stop Allison from boldly putting her arm through his as they walk out of the restaurant.

    Bridget, who writes a column on sex and dating for the New York Post, meets two matchmakers and arranges to be set up on dates. "If I don't have you married in two years, you have problems," says one matchmaker, who charges a minimum of $15,000 for her services. On the matchmakers' advice, Bridget gets a $500 makeover at Stephen Knoll salon in preparation for her first date — which is at a Madonna concert. Unfortunately, the guy shows up over an hour late, and they miss most of the concert.

    Lauren does a photo shoot for her album cover. Later, she and a girlfriend have dinner with Al and Steve, two musicians in her band. The guys say that New York women are very aggressive about sex. Lauren concurs: If a guy's not great in bed, she says, she wouldn't stay with him even if she loved him.

    Kathy goes on a date with her ex-boyfriend Boban, a Yugoslavian bouncer ("He looks like he can kick the shit out of anyone!") and the only guy she ever slept with on a first date. He wants to win her back, but it doesn't take long for the couple to start bickering.

    Magazine editor Wendy hosts "Canine Comedy," a benefit for animal rescue starring Kathy Griffith and Janeane Garofalo. The event is a huge success, and she celebrates afterwards at Man Ray. With Lucky tucked under her arm, she has no trouble attracting men.

    On her second matchmaker-arranged date, Bridget has cocktails with Sanjay at Windows on the World. This date doesn't go so well, either: After a few drinks, Sanjay starts dancing wildly. Bridget's not amused. After the date, she heads back to the Post to write her column, in which she presumably won't be advising her readers to fork over $15,000 for a matchmaker.

    Seen in this episode

    Man Ray
    Chelsea hot spot co-owned by Harvey Weinstein, Johnny Depp, and Sean Penn; Wendy parties here after her "Canine Comedy" event.
    147 W. 15th St., 212-929-5000

    San Pietro
    Allison has her lunch date with David at this midtown Italian restaurant.
    18 E. 54th St., 212-753-9015.

    Stephen Knoll
    On the matchmaker's advice, Bridget gets a makeover here before her date.
    625 Madison Ave., near 58th St., 212-421-0100

    Windows on the World
    Where Bridget and Sanjay have drinks and go dancing.
    Formerly in the World Trade Center, destroyed just weeks after the filming of this episode.

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