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    Allison tells her friend Julie about a rough weekend at a wedding in Toronto, where she was hounded by an ex and jilted by a prospect.

    Penny and Natasha both hope an afternoon yacht cruise will produce some prospects; but while Natasha is the life of the party, Penny has a tougher time. She gets a cool response from one target, and ends up chatting with one of the deck hands.

    Dressed to the nines ("My hair can't get any bigger, my heels can't get any higher"), Lauren shops her songs in a meeting at Arista and gets some promising feedback, then celebrates her birthday with friends and is-he-or-isn't-he boyfriend Harold.

    Attorney/amateur bodybuilder Spoon prompts date Emily to ask for the cameras to be shut off when he spooks her with his relationship analysis. Spoon, who says that he eats the same thing every day, tells Emily without irony about monogamy: "You can't have apple pie every'll eventually want lemon merengue."

    Allison, looking for a relaxing evening, has dinner with the ever-candid Anthony, who informs her that she left her bra at his place. It wasn't Allison's bra, but she doesn't seem fazed.


    Seen in this episode

    Where Spoon nearly sends his date screaming from the Third Avenue sidewalk table.

    Lauren celebrates her birthday at this American restaurant. 30 W. 22nd Street, 212-675-6700.


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