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    Penny looks for a job and a man, with little success. One guy doesn't make it past a phone conversation after he complains that his dog "ruins his manicure." Another "hottie" — who turns up in her drumming class — turns out to be ... married, of course.

    Kathy, meanwhile, can't seem to get over the sexual (and personal) tension with her ex, Boban. Sex is great with the buff Yugoslavian, but his possessiveness grates on her.

    Nightclub entrepeneur Amy Sacco takes us on a tour of her life, which doesn't have much room for dating after 12-16 hour days managing her clubs Bungalow 8 and Lot 61.

    Leoni goes out with friend Rob (a male model, natch), who shamelessly kisses up to her ("I would do anything for you"). But Leoni's heart is still with male model Jeremy.

    After suffering valiantly through a couple of lackluster dates for the sake of her job as a dating columnist, New York Post reporter Bridget has a surprisingly good blind date that carries into her next social engagement.

    Lauren, meanwhile, contemplates love and career at lunch with her parents and while recording a new song about "halfway" relationships.

    Seen in this episode

    Bungalow 8
    Amy Sacco's exclusive nightspot opened last summe, when the series was filmed.

    Lot 61
    Sacco has her hands full running Bungalow 8, above, and this established club in westernmost Chelsea.

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