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    Like dogs? Then you'll do just fine with Animal Fair editor Wendy, an inveterate matchmaker who uses pet Lucky to judge her prospects. Wendy gets down to business during a lunch with some friends, bringing out the chef for an introduction and befriending a cute guy at the next table for potential matchmaking with friends. After taking him aside and discovering that he's 36 with kids, however, she decides that he's got too much baggage.

    The pet-free Barracudas dish about kissing, man management ("Men are like dogs. You have to train them.") and dating requirements.

    Kathleen gets a number of requirements met by Brian, who arrives to pick her up for dinner in his new Porsche; while Sandra — still swooning over her high school sweetheart-turned-rocker Dave — gives her "Wine Chick" lecture on how to select the right bottle for your mood.

    Allison, who has been on a dating spree since breaking up with boyfriend Christopher, has a promising first date with financier Neil (they met at Grand Central) and stuck-in-the-friend-ghetto Peter, who realizes he hasn't a chance in hell with Allison but gives it his best shot anyway.

    We meet New York 1 reporter Gigi, who has a lovely date with Matt.

    Leoni records a dance song, "Couture Fit," that ain't about clothes.

    Seen in this episode

    Leoni attempts to debut her dance single at this club, but technical troubles delay her plans.

    Va Tutto!
    Peter tries in vain to woo Allison at this Tuscan restaurant. 23 Cleveland Pl.; 212-625-3688.

    Kathleen and Brian exchange dating requirements over Italian food here. 322 E. 86th St.; 212-861-1993.

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