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    Despite rumblings about wanting to leave town, Allison hangs in there and goes on a friendly but spark-free blind date with Gideon, a somewhat reserved Brit.

    Wendy makes friends and enemies with Lucky, while Natasha makes a few new male friends over lunch.

    Natasha and Leoni surprise themselves by becoming attached. Natasha is smitten with an "amazing, adorable" lawyer, while Leoni has decided that Jeremy is the only one for her...after all, he inspired the dance song that she premieres at the Russian Tea Room, "Couture Fit."

    Penny hasn't been so lucky; she decides after a grilling from her skeptical mom that a six-month stint of travel will help her find what she's looking for — but she has a last hurrah on the town first.



    Seen in this episode

    Gideon and Allison meet at this 24-hour brasserie near Gramercy Park. 249 Park Avenue; 212-254-5858.

    The Donkey Show
    Penny throws her last in the city at this disco version of a Midsummer Night's Dream. El Flamingo, 547 West 21st Street; 212-307-4100.

    The Russian Tea Room
    Leoni finally gets to premiere her dance single at this classic midtown destination.

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