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The Best of the
Long Island Film Festival

Sunday, January 27, 2002
9pm - 2am

Time Warner Channel 70
Cablevision channel 16
Check local listings

The 2002 Long Island Film Festival will host its 19th season this upcoming May in the Hamptons, but you don't have to wait another 5 months to see great local films. On Sunday, January 27, MetroTV is airing a five-hour, non-stop block of films, including some of the best feature films and shorts from the festival in years past.

For more great films from local directors, see the Urban Indies weekly schedule.



Jingle Hell
Best screenplay award
Directed by the up-and-coming Long Island native Will Tully, this hilarious Christmas comedy looks at dealing with our dysfunctional families during the holidays. The story begins when Peg Fitzgerald (played by Annette Hunt) throws away the family TV set, forcing her husband, five children and two grandchildren to act like a family for the entire holiday weekend. Tully, whose credits include the short film Junglefish and a reproduction of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York and has worked under such greats as Steven Spielberg and Barry Sonnenfeld.

A clever short directed by Werner Bargsten, Sparks is a summer tale about the lives of nine neighbors who intersect in the worst possible ways.

Williamsburg Cannonball
Nara Garber and Ben Wolf's country music video about the L train.

Catch of the Day
A quirky animated love story between man and fish, by John R. Dilworth.





Grand Jury award for best film
Queens native Jesse Fiegelman, director of Snapped, has captured the life of a twentysomething in off-season East Hampton. This quirky romance about slacker kids Tara, played by Gaby Hoffman (Black and White, 200 Cigarettes) and Billy, played by Johnny Zander (Can't Hardly Wait), serves up a grittier, true- to-reality side of the Hamptons that's rarely portrayed onscreen.



Karl's in a Coma
A short directed by Karl T. Hirsch in which Karl is visited by family and friends while in a comatose state at the hospital.

Deborah Tamen's short about an inventive modelmaker who watches the world through his window, until Kate passes by.


MetroTV airs on Time Warner Cable channel 70 and on Cablevision channel 16.

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