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 About the Show  

Airs Weeknights at 11pm.

Each summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day the natural beauty of the south eastern tip of Long Island - known as the Hamptons—is transformed into a playground for the super rich. Multi-million dollar mansions that have been lying dormant all winter erupt into life. It's the perfect place for wealthy young studs to sleep around, or for thirtysomething career women to find themselves a husband. For fifteen weekends it's the only place to be seen if you want to be a player in New York's unique social structure. Single in the Hamptons follows a summer season in the Hamptons through the eyes of some of these players. It's a television first—a ten part series that lifts the lid on this notoriously exclusive community.

 Key Players  
  Andrew Sasson  
  Owner of Jet East in Southampton, one of the most exclusive clubs in the Hamptons. A bottle of champagne costs at least $600.  
  Marjorie Gubelmann  
  Society heiress and hostess, permanent feature in the social pages of East Coast glossies. Loves big jewels and flashy parties.  
  Daniel Reton  
  Unemployed actor. He gets by in the Hamptons by hustling guest rooms and charming women.  
  Ivan Wilzig  
  Millionaire playboy. From a banking family, he's built himself a modern day castle - part Disney, part Vegas - where he throws wild all night parties.  
  Susie Redstone  
  30something journalist, looking to settle down. Trying out the unique Hamptons sharehouse scene where well-off professionals in their twenties and thirties relive their college days by cramming into rented houses with 30 or 40 others.  
  Caz Carrington  
  Wall Streeter who earns a fortune and owns a huge house with a pool in East Hampton. Always the life and soul of the party.  
  Patrick McMullan  
  Society photographer and contributing editor of Vanity Fair. If there's a star studded party going on, Patrick will be there.  

The Episodes
Episode 1: Andrew prepares his club for the big season opening and Caz goes woman-hunting at the super hip Sagg Main Beach.

Episode 2: Daniel heads to a nightclub and hooks up with a blonde dotcommer.

Episode 3: Patrick takes photos at designer Vera Wang's summer home and Gabby gets entwined with a younger man who 'bites' a lot.

Episode 4: Ivan shows off his new house, a Disney-meets-Vegas creation where he hosts a wild party.

Episode 5: Sick of shareholding, Susie checks into a hotel and winds up at a glittering party hosted by Hamptons magazine.

Episode 6: Ivan, his friends and driver hop in the limo and go hunting for the perfect July 4th party.

Episode 7: Caz takes us on a drive around East Hampton's infamously stuffy and exclusive Maidstone Club.

Episode 8: 17-year old model Theresa Aline is fresh to the Hamptons— her manager tries to keep the predatory men at bay.

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