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 About the Show  
    Hosts Bob and Donna explore a wide range of issues including relationships, sexuality, morality and the emotional fabric of New York.

MetroTV will rebroadcast previously aired episodes of Naked New York all week.

 The Hosts  
  Bob Berkowitz  
  Dr. Bob Berkowitz's career has ranged from his position as Senior White House Correspondent for CNN to the host of the highly rated CNBC show "Real Personal," a nightly look at America's attitude on sexuality and relationships. He has also reported for ABC News and the Associated Press. He has covered such major stories as the assassination attempt on President Reagan, the Tylenol murders in Chicago, the Three Mile Island Crises and the Falklands war in Argentina. He has been honored with the prestigious Overseas Press Club Award and a Freedom Foundation Medal.

For three years, Bob had a beat all to himself when he was the Men's Correspondent for NBC's "Today" show. There, he investigated men's problems in modern society. He has also been a radio talk show host in Denver and San Francisco and wrote a nationally syndicated column for King features called "MENtionables." He's currently the "Love Notes" advice columnist for "Complete Woman" magazine. He also served as Senior Editor for "men's Life" magazine. In addition, he hosted a nightly talk show on The Financial News Network.Bob was a regular on ABC-TV show "The View" with Barbara Walters where he talked about men and relationships. Bob also hosted a nightly Internet talk radio show on sex and relationships called "Lovebytes."

Bob is currently in private practice in New York City and the east end of Long Island, N.Y. Mr. Berkowitz is the author of the best selling books, "What Men Won't Tell You, But Women Need to Know" and "His Secret Life: Male Sexual Fantasies." He is a graduate of the state University of New York at Delhi and the University of Denver. He has a Ph.D. in clinical sexology. Bob is also a certified hypnotherapist.

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  Donna Barnes  
  Philadelphia native Donna Barnes appeared on MetroTV's "To Live and Date in New York" as a member of the Barracuda Brigade, four single women who made dating an art form. (She also co-produced several segments.) Donna recently has starred in three independent films: Three Picture Deal, directed by Matt Keener for Foundation Films; Flies on Cupid, a peculiar comedy that's a cross between Pulp Fiction and There's Something About Mary; and, originally shot as a Halloween cybercast and now set for release as a feature. She has been in numerous commercials and had recurring roles on "As the World Turns" and "Guiding Light." Donna got her SAG card when Charlie Sheen stopped her on the street and got her a small part in Wall Street! For more on Donna, check out  

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