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Nicholas Winton: The Power of Good

Inspiring documentary about Nicholas Winton, a British stockbroker who saved 669 Czech children from Hitler and never told anyone -- including his wife -- until now. (1 hr. 4 mins.; NR) — BILGE EBIRI

Opens September 18
Showtimes & tickets (

Documentary: Saving Account
Nicholas Winton, 93, says he knew early on what the Nazis intended to do. "What was unclear to politicians seemed crystal-clear to me," says the subject of The Power of Good, a documentary that uses talking heads, archives, and re-creations to illustrate how Winton saved 669 children in Czechoslovakia before World War II. Winton, then a young stockbroker, began a British office for refugee children and forged passports, visas, and adoption papers to get 7- to 9-year-olds out of German territory and into homes in Britain and Scotland. "It wasn't getting the children out which was difficult — it was that no one else tried," says the Englishman (pictured here in 1939, with a child he saved). And how did he deal with the Nazis' bureaucratic objections? "I told them politely in German, Go to hell," Winton says, with a momentary hint of John Wayne in his voice. At the screening on September 18 at Symphony Space's Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Winton himself will appear.

Photograph courtesy of Leonard Nimoy ThaliaTtheatre.

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