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George A. Romero

"I've always been a freak," says George Romero, whose $70,000 Night of the Living Dead gave a gigantic boost to both the horror genre and independent filmmaking in 1968. "Give me four lights, a couple of dark rooms, and I'll scare you." This week, the American Museum of the Moving Image presents George A. Romero, a complete retrospective of the Bronx-born storyteller's career. "My zombie films are very bloody, but they're the only ones," says Romero, who, in classic genre-director fashion, likes to talk up his little-seen art films, like Knightriders (1981), which stars a young Ed Harris as the King Arthur-influenced leader of a motorcycle gang. "I just hope people can tell that some thought goes into the process—I don't just throw a guy in a hockey mask and have him kill young people having sex. My other films aren't horror at all, although only four people ever went to see them." But even Romero knows what his audience adores: He'll be shooting a fourth spatter flick this spring.

Opens January 11
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