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The Party's Over

Political novice Philip Seymour Hoffman wanders through the 2000 political conventions. The meandering narrative will drive grizzled politicos crazy, but when paired with Bowling for Columbine, it will make half of a rousing double feature on liberal college campuses. (1 hr. 30 mins.; NR) — BILGE EBIRI AND LOGAN HILL

Spotlight: Philip Seymour Hoffman
In 1992, a playful Robert Downey Jr. romped all over the Clinton-Bush political conventions in the documentary The Last Party; for The Party’s Over, a documentary about the controversial 2000 election, Philip Seymour Hoffman serves as a more earnest guide. “At first, I’d be talking to a congressman who I thought was a senator and thinking, Oh, boy, Phil—you’re really lost in the woods,” Hoffman admits. “But I went into each new interview with more than the last.” The result is an amateurish but affable primer on presidential politics—most suitable for young audiences and replete with celebrity cameos by the likes of Tim Robbins and Eddie Vedder, whose appearances, says Hoffman, weren’t motivated by any desire to further their careers: “I mean, nobody in this world is ever gonna say, Oh, my God! We’ve got to put him in our new movie because he was on The O’Reilly Factor! That’s just not gonna happen.”

Opens October 24
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