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Beyond Cute

Dunst in All Good Things.  

All Good Things feels as satisfying an act of career metempsychosis as can be imagined, taking Dunst’s molten powers of devotion—her ability not just to convey love for the person onscreen with her, but her ability to make the audience love that person too—and then running the whole lot over a cliff. “It’s her first adult role,” says Jarecki, who says he’s taken a number of calls from “very interesting directors—household names—saying, ‘You know I was just getting ready to cast this movie, but I’ve heard such great things about Kirsten’s performance … Would you show me a part of the movie?’ She’s acting opposite Ryan Gosling and Frank Langella, and it’s her performance people are talking about.”

Dunst seems happy to take her reemergence into the limelight slowly, with roles in the new Lars von Trier film, Melancholia, Juan Diego Solanas’s Upside Down, and a small part in the forthcoming adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. During the last year, she’s also spent time traveling in Germany with her father and accompanying Boesel on a tour with singer Jenny Lewis. “Doing All Good Things really felt like I was acting for myself rather than anyone else,” she says. “It gave me a freedom I’d never had before, or knew I had, to do whatever I want to, and to argue my opinions and not just feel like the cute girl on set or the girl in a boy’s club. I figured out how I could be both. And it’s been different ever since.”