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Prude Awakening


Because of the delays, her two shows shot simultaneously, so Brie would sometimes have to run between both sets in the same day. “That’s when I’m most excited and feel like it’s all happening, you know what I mean?” she says. “I liked shooting at Mad Men and then going over to Community and literally taking my hair down. Because Community really feels like the parents are gone and we’re all just having crazy sleepovers and making blanket forts.”

Apart from a small role as a murder victim in Scream 4, Brie’s double shifts on TV have mostly kept her too busy to do movies. The Five-Year Engagement features, by far, her most prominent big-screen role. For the film, she had to learn to do a British accent by “stalking Emily Blunt like a psychopath and just standing near her and mumbling whatever she was saying.” She was so convincing that producer Judd Apatow didn’t realize she wasn’t English until someone pointed it out. “I was shocked, because I love her on Mad Men and I didn’t even make the connection,” he says.

Our shopping trip takes us down Broadway to Madewell, where Brie grabs a patchwork strapless bathing suit off a rack, promising, “If it’s awesome, I’m going to make you look at me in it! And it’s going to be awkward!” (It isn’t and she doesn’t.) Whenever she worries she’s taking too long in a dressing room, she shouts out, “Powering through! Powering through!” She ends up buying another see-through top.

Before that—attention, foot fetishists—she’d spent a good fifteen minutes agonizing over $10 packages of socks at Uniqlo. “All right. I realize you may not think this is the most important decision, but I’m not done looking at socks. Don’t be mad. I need another minute,” she said. “One’s striped and one is textured. Which one do I like more? I don’t know!” She picked both, then muttered, “What have I done?”


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