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The Five: Awards Season


5. The Dirty Campaigning
Harvey Weinstein has declared this “the most competitive [awards] season I’ve ever seen”—so you can plan on plenty of mudslinging. Here are some of the negative talking points already being used to sink this year’s contenders.

12 Years a Slave
Some historians doubt that Solomon Northup really wrote the memoir the movie is based on.

American Hustle
The movie is purportedly based on the real-life Abscam scandal, but none of the most fun parts (the love triangle, the twist ending, Bradley Cooper’s curlers) actually happened.

Captain Phillips
The movie portrays him as a hero, but crew members of the real-life Phillips are suing their former shipping company, claiming that he ignored warnings to avoid the Somali coast.

Dallas Buyers Club
Why wasn’t Jared Leto’s transgender character played by a transgender actor?

Saving Mr. Banks
Omitted from the Disney-backed movie: P. L. Travers’s bisexuality and controversial adoption and Walt ­Disney’s racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Doesn’t the movie kinda glorify its title character’s drug abuse, philandering, and financial crimes?


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