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The Vidder


Your biggest work is Scooby Road, which remixes scenes from Buffy and scores them to the entire Beatles Abbey Road LP.
Before Scooby Road, it was as if we vidders were making “singles.” No one had made an album-length “concept vid” yet. I love the Beatles, and I felt that making every song in an album relate in some way to Buffy was a challenge I could meet.

What filmmakers and TV directors do you most admire?
My favorites were the film noir directors of the forties and fifties— Orson Welles, Jacques Tourneur. On TV, I admire David Nutter, Kim and Kelly Manners, and Joss Whedon. While I admire directors from afar, I study cinematographers and film editors up close. I have a black-and-white vid in the works because I want to learn to “see” in black and white, the way those cinematographers like John Seitz and Stanley Cortez did in the forties.

We’re featuring Vogue/300. There have been many riffs on the film 300—one set to “It’s Raining Men”—and lots of parodies. But yours is on a whole other level.
It was my chance to do a bait and switch, and turn the “male gaze” back onto itself. I wanted to allude to the graphic novel, so I split the screens and tinted them with flat color. The movie was visually stunning as well, and it’s always fun to work with pretty source.

We’re also featuring Women’s Work, which seems like a fairly severe critique of the treatment of women on Supernatural. But its beauty also seems to complicate the critique. You told me your heart “belongs to Dean and Sam.”
Women’s Work is a critique of the eroticization of the violence done to women in all media, not just Supernatural. Women are sexually assaulted, murdered, and then laid out in artistic tableaux, chopped into pretty, bloody pieces. They usually further the plot, but they’re hardly ever a part of the plot. We wanted to point out that in order for us to love a TV show—and we do—we have to set this horrible part of it aside. A lot. Often. Sisabet [the co-vidder of the project] and I believe that we could have made this vid using almost any show, from Heroes to CSI, but we are fans of Supernatural. We care so much about a show that we want share it, make an argument, highlight a character or situation, lampoon something, evoke a mood. I’ve also made four other Supernatural vids that celebrate the show, the arc, the relationship between the brothers and the genre itself.


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