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The Twenty (Intentionally) Funniest Web Videos of 2007

11. Welcome to My Home Parodies
Former soap star Brenda Dickson’s 1987 vanity video, Welcome to My Home, is a jazzercising, puppy-petting camp classic. Deven Green’s vile voice-over send-ups are parodic masterpieces.

12. Tim and Eric’s Night Live
Relentlessly funny, utterly nonsensical, and poorly miked, these cult heroes (and master prank callers) now stream a live talk show on Superdeluxe.

13. Bob Odenkirk’s Derek & Simon
Comedy’s mad scientist has been using the Web as his laboratory: His series about two lovelorn guys blows up in the most spectacular way. Extra points for the funniest-ever use of a peanut allergy.

14. Alanis Morissette My Humps

15. 300/VOGUE
In a sea of easy parodies, Luminosity’s lush, hilarious pairing of 300 and Madonna’s "Vogue" is the best fan video of the year.

16. St. Sanders
This Finnish rock fan’s Santana Shreds and Eddie Vedder Shreds concert videos look like standard fan tributes, only they’re rescored with outrageously lame guitar solos.

17. Gabe and Max’s Internet Thing

18. Spiders on Drugs
The video of choice among programmers at Film Forum, we’re told, is this drug-addled spoof of nature videos.

19. The Procedure
Willem Dafoe gets his favorite song (“Private Eyes”) surgically implanted in his head.

20. The Jeannie Tate Show
A newcomer with heavy-duty SNL connections, this comedy is hosted in the backseat of a suburban mom’s minivan— and launches six episodes on November 12.