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The Sundance Kid


The paparazzo of Delirious.  

Buscemi at Sundance: An Abbreviated Guide

Parting Glances, 1986
The Brooklyn-born Lee Strasberg student makes good as an HIV-positive East Village punk.

Reservoir Dogs, 1992
Buscemi plays Mr. Pink, a role Quentin Tarantino originally wrote for himself.

In the Soup, 1992
Though Seymour Cassel wins the festival’s best-actor prize, Buscemi breaks out, playing an obsessive screenwriter who gets gangsters to fund his unproducible 800-page script. The film wins the Grand Jury Prize.

Desperado, 1995
In Robert Rodriguez’s action flick, Buscemi is a nattering nut job named “Buscemi.”

Living in Oblivion, 1995
Anticipating Project Greenlight, Buscemi plays an unhinged director.

Animal Factory, 2000
Buscemi’s directorial follow-up to Trees Lounge stars Edward Furlong as a middle-class drug dealer.

Art School Confidential, 2005
Buscemi plays art poseur Broadway Bob.

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take Two, 2005
Buscemi was mesmerized by the first part of William Greaves’s wild art film when it screened at Sundance in 1992. Buscemi befriended Greaves and served as a cameraman on part two. “I had the most fun,” he says, “climbing trees in Central Park to get shots.”

Lonesome Jim, 2006
Buscemi’s third directorial feature is nominated for the Grand Jury Prize but not picked up until later, by IFC. “I was disappointed that we didn’t get distribution during the fest, but we had four great screenings and I did a Q&A after every one. It was great to watch the film with an audience, the biggest audience we’d have.”


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